Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Forced Conformity: (Unedited): 15 April 2015:

The really cool words escape me this morning. redo. later

Inspired by a quote from Nikola Tesla.

"Anti social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists." Nikola Tesla.

 Being socially forced to conform to what everyone else is doing, thinking and believing. Will always take away from your ability to invent something new and create something never conceived of before within your own mind.
In my younger days I had the undesired opportunity to watch and feel some very intelligent men. You know those men who ARE far more superior to those who think their far more intelligent then anyone else. There is actually a big difference. The kind of people who think that Mensa is insulting.
Granting these men were incredibly smart and yet so incredibly stupid when it came to life in general. Most of them seemed to suffer addictions, divorce, disassociation from their own children. Most suffered from the same sins as everyone else. Most had a godless belief system and yet could not see the difference between being religious and righteous. With or without a god (God).
Even my adopted father who was one of those very intelligent men. He was raised deep southern Baptist and had a very protected life. He was very mischief as a youth. He would sneak away to play basketball with the coloreds, Because they were a greater challenge. He probably had to because his father had a physical disability. Despite being recognized later by a sitting president. He probably suffered much ridicule because of his father. So growing up with this kind of embarrassment. He didn't want anymore of any kind of embarrassment from anyone. So he married an insane woman and they together adopted a child who turned out to have a tested IQ of 70. He started smoking and drinking. He stopped believing in God and his life reflected it. With never ending physical and mental hardship. My dad suffered for about a decade with that woman.
I know what his future would have been like if he had just made the right decision early in life and attended that school which requires a senators signature. He would have never met her, His career would not have faltered and his end of life wouldn't have been alone for nearly 40 years. With two more insane women. Patterns are supposed to be easily seen by the super intelligent people. One of my earliest prophecies even before I knew what the word meant. Was a warning to my father about two more crazy women in his life to come. But, at that time he still believe I was dumb and stupid. I was just a surviving source of embarrassment for him to deal with. Someone who was not valued even in thoughts.
I still want my Snoopy Doll back. But classified is classified. Even a child's beloved soft stuffed animal with important names on it. It disappeared and most likely immediately destroyed.

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