Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gifts Absence: (Unedited): 11April 2015:

With the absence of your ego and pride, will you be able to fully witness the complete manifestations of your gifts. 
 In the beginning of the development of your gifts it seems that mental and physical gifts are not so hindered by ego and pride. But, once the individual person reaches their realized pinnacle of accomplishment. Their pride and ego takes hold of them and then they suffer a very hard fall from grace. So by taming your inner ego and pride early on. They shall not become blood thirsty monsters later on. Do the research on a lot of those who became athletically great in their own sport. Who in boxing? Who in the UFC? Who in golf? Who in Baseball? Who in sprinting? Who in Swimming? Who in religion? There seems to be many more in religion than anywhere else.
Who do you see right now in any field of your choosing is so filled with pride and ego? That they will soon fall very hard.
There you go point proven.
It is also the same in business or which ever your profession is. When you begin to think and believe that you can do whatever you want to do in your personal, professional and spiritual life. This is when severe disciplines will manifest. It will affect your profession and your personal life very directly. Everyone who is associated with you will also be affected. With a ruined reputation you shall not attain levels once achieved.
In your spiritual life. It does seems that direct spiritual growth is tied directly to your ego and pride. So the more humble you become, the less important you are, the more you spiritually grow. It is just contrary to the world way of doing things. It seems like everyone boosts your ego and pride. Just to watch you crash. (Bruce Lee) in mind. Does water know when it is about to fall or crash? But those who are in seemingly control of the water can make it fall and crash at their self defined will. Who suffers the most? The water and those who are impacted most from it. While those who caused or created the timing for the water to fall and crash. They get to stand back and enjoy. At which time after the fact those who were in control can come back into the picture and become the saviors who saved a former great soul. Or at least an opportunity to do so.
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