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Artificial Planetary Magnetic Fields: (Unedited) 11 May 2015:

:Artificial Planetary Magnetic Fields:

First Notes:
Please endure the message through my own ignorance and poor writing structure and form. I have not had the benefit of receiving a fair education. This is not a complaint nor is it whining. This is just a message to you the reader who may have been educated in the scientific fields of magnetism and how it relates/governs to solar system celestial mechanics.  I may add more to this original content as I learn and understand more.
A magnetically balanced planet in one where there is no deviation from the equatorial plane of the central star within a solar system. Any force from any outside source will cause your planet to deviate from the perfect balance around it's parent star. This will also be in accordance to many known and unknown variables.
So as long as the disruption is temporary. So to any planetary disruption of revolving around the central stars orbital path. In time, if a planet has been disturbed and then has not been disturbed from it's established orbit. It will regain or remake a new orbit path. In which over time will become more circular and re-align itself along the equatorial zone of the central star. Eventually.
The altering of a planets magnetic field. may seem like a very good idea. Especially, if your planet is in close proximity to it's central star. A single CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) can cause a planet to lose all modern technology and may even burn up much life.
By artificially increasing the strength of the planets magnetic field. Will cause the interior of your planet to heat up beyond normal stability. Which means there will be more planetary earthquakes and more volcanism.The physical dimension of the planet will also increase.
Another problem with increasing and/or strengthening of your planets magnet field. Will be an overall expansion of your planets magnetic field of solar influence or magnetic sphere of influence. With greater intensities closer to the surface of the planet. Which may result in strange manifested magnetic anomalies. Which is not conceivable to me at this time. Any computer controlled machine which depends on a stable, constant and predictable magnetic signal. May suddenly deviate.
Any solar body or extra solar body which has a definitive magnetic signature. Will become a potential problem when it encounters your planets new artificial magnetic sphere of influence. Thus, If the polarities are opposite. Than a magnetic attraction may occur. Thus a possible and eventual collision course.
But, if a magnetic asteroid object is seen and the magnetic identity is identified. Then the planets artificial magnetic field can be matched. Including frequency. Thus possibly slowing down approach just enough and pushing away just enough. This may become problematic as any object crosses the boundaries of the stars equator. may switch polarities if in the new pole side long enough.
By artificially increasing your planets magnetic field. You also strengthen the magnetic connectivity with your parent star. Thus, increasing the magnetic energy transfer through your planet. Which will also heat the planetary core quicker than mathematically predicted. In which your mathematical formulas may be absent of or incomplete celestial magnetic dynamics.
Which means more volcanism and more earthquakes occurring more often than predicted. The planet will also expand quicker than predicted as well.
If your planet begins to expand quicker than your calculated predictions. About 70% of the expansion shall not be seen as they will be under water. On the land. Depressions shall form which may have zero correlation with any seismic activity.
Visual: A half filled balloon covered in mud or a mud like substance which shall not fall off of the balloon when it expands.. Then add more air. Assuming the mud doesn't fall off. What happens to the mud when the balloon receives more air?
The expansion of the planet shall mostly be universally equal. The greatest problems shall be seen in those places where the crust is the thinnest and where there is crust up-swelling.
As the planet artificially swells the oceans shall recede. The receding oceans shall not be easily seen and may in fact be offset from the melting ice caps.
If the artificial magnetic fields are allowed to continue and then stop. Sudden Planetary shrinkage may occur. If the planet is allowed to expand over time without any addition to mass. Then when the artificial magnetic energies which suddenly stops may and most likely will cause the planet to suddenly shrink back to it's normal size which corresponds to it's mass. most of the shrinkage shall be seen underwater. with much water displacement.
If your parent star has a hiccup of any kind of high energy disturbance directed towards or along the travel path of your planet. Severe volcanism and earthquakes can occur. As well as planetary explosion. All related to a new artificial magnetic field.       C.J.MacKechnie

more than two years old:
Added on 31 May 2015: Terraforming Mars and other celestial bodies:
How powerful can toroidal magnetism work in regards to starting, restarting or even maintaining a planets own magnetic field. Especially, when the size of a planet is just a little to small and a little to far away from the parent or central star. 
By placing 2 toroidal magnets of about 27+/- Km in size on the two opposing spots of where you want the new North and South poles to be. Then you turn the toroidal magnets on. Slowly powering up the power over some time. So as not to cause sudden explosions of the planet or of certain areas of the planet. Yes you can blow chunks out of a planet if the alignment of the toroidal's are not in perfect alignment and in perfect tune to one another. Or if they're are unknown anomalies within the core which would oppose or reflect the energy being magnetically forced inside. The magnetic connections to the sun would also increase all adding to greater input of energy levels. 
The end result would be this. Not in thousands of years but in a decade or so. The core of the planet would restart. Planetary warming would begin from within. The new artificial magnetosphere would grow and become self sustaining. Once you are capable of adding another 2/3 more mass to the planet. In actuality, the size of the planet would need to be approximately 1/3 or greater than what the Earth is today to maintain itself at that distance from the central star. But, artificially mars can be maintained indefinitely so as long as an external power source is continually applied.   
Then when a new level of technology is achieved to where you can safely drop new mass onto the small planet. The planet mass can be raised as well as managed. When you can find and place into orbit the correct size moon/mass. Apparent Earth like conditions can then be achieved.  
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