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Baseball Life: (unedited): 17 May 2015:

Life is like Baseball.
When your up to bat. You have 9 men/women facing you, who will do everything they can, to stop you. Maybe cheat or even harm you. While there are many others who will do nothing more than cheer you on or boo you into loud submission. So do you walk out of the dugout with your bat in hand or do you leave the ball field with your bag?
This is also for women and softball. It is still the same lesson in everyday life.
I got to play Little League Baseball for two seasons. In Clearwater Florida. My first year I was awful. Probably because no one realized I was nearly blind(20/900+). Until, a school teacher asked me a question in class. Which never happened. Ever. I sat in the back of the class oblivious to what ever the teacher was doing and she called upon me to answer a question written on the black board. I could not see it. So she asked me to come closer and I still could not see. Then two or three other times she asked me until I was right next to her. I remember nothing else. Except going to Pearle vision centers and walking out with very heavy glasses and seeing trees and clouds. That night I saw the moon and stars. It was amazing.
The following year of baseball. My dad coached and I went from no hits to becoming one of the better on base hitters of the team. I began to love the game of baseball. Even though at the time I was still trying to grasp it. The smell of the clay and grass was just awesome to me. This is the place I want to play forever in. It wouldn't be so as I spent my first night in foster care in jail. Can you imagine a child who has been so abused and witness/recipient to much physical violence. Is the one who goes to jail. I guess it was the way it was back then in the mid 1970's
My opportunity for baseball was nearly over. I was in a foster home in which the income I brought into the house was of supreme importance. So the male foster parent was convinced to take me to Largo little league to play ball. I knew he didn't want to and seemed like he was forced to.  
So what happened after only a few games. The short drive to the ball park was awful. I sat enduring threats after threats. I could not think about baseball. Only jail or worse. I quit. They were happy. Besides they were starving me as well. Of course the final action I did. Proved to everyone that I was the bad apple. bad kids do not deserve to play baseball. That is how baseball ending for me. 
Even today, I look at every ball field I drive by and smile. I even work on them now.
After all these years. I can see the life's truth of what baseball teaches. Life isn't fair to anyone. But, life presents opportunities in every occasion for you to succeed in that one moment of your life. Then you repeat it until your game of life is complete. 
Hows this for attitude?
Have Bat! Will Travel! No bags taken!
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Thank You cacofony people very much. You do know that just by doing what you are doing in regards to INFJ's. Is every bit of this quote/blog. You have your bat and your already taking pitches. The idea of the bag is not and should not be in the forefront of any thought processes.
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