Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Earth Saddness: Mournful Laments: Never Known: (Unedited): 19 May 2015:

When the great sadness befalls the whole of the Earth. All will know it is now to late for righteous living. 
It seems everyone wants peace. You see the upside down symbol for the tree of life. The opposite if you will of life. Which is unknowingly embedded into the symbol for the peace is an essential truth. There shall be peace when there is no life. I do not think anyone knows this. maybe, it is one of those more subtle lie and deception in this life. If you have read any of my writings which reveal the mathematical formula for life and for death. You can see it. Here on this Earth the tree is the symbol for life and an upside down tree is the symbol for death. Do you know the third symbol? Which involves the tree symbol? The mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion. So one symbol is for active life pursuits. The upside down peace sign is a passive sign for death. The nuclear mushroom cloud is the active sign for death.
The great sadness may begin when their is sudden death everywhere. 
Mournful laments: (Unedited): 19 May 2015:
The greatest of all mournful laments are those cried by all of those who have survived immediately after an event.
I typically do not write in a depressing manor. This may mean something. I may label this as prophetic. If you are merely a religious person. Seek a private and professional life in actual righteousness. This includes you pastors, theologians. If you allow sin to reside within your holy places. What have you done? You will be better off rotting in jail being perpetually abused then to allow sin to reside in your holy places. It matters not the laws of men. 
For each of you religious persons to agree and to allow this. Each of you religious persons will become responsible for the death of your nation, your cities, your families and your world. You know the prophecies of old. Do the math. Do the math of death immediately after an event and then those who die from the aftermath. There are two sets of numbers. Those known and those not known. The not known numbers can be statistically revealed. 
Never Known: (Unedited): 19 May 2015:
Flee from sin. Even if you have to flee from your churches. Those persons who remain in the churches where sin resides within the holy places shall perish and become as they were never known.
This is not just about the churches. It also include your synagogues, Masques, Temples, any holy place/land and sanctuaries. 
For the rapture shall be denied after the fact that so many were not known by God. The rapture shall be for the righteous and not the religious. For instance read the stories below. Just in the Tampa region of Florida. Just copy and paste.
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