Friday, May 22, 2015

Slaughter House: Walks Away: (Unedited): 21 May 2015:

In the full knowing view of the many. The enlightened lone one walks away from the slaughter house of the world systems. Becoming an outcast forever more. 
Clear enlightened insights and heavenly joy comes to the person who walks away from the  clutches of the world systems into the loving embrace of God. 
The world system is a slaughter house. You have the owners, the managers, the slaves and the cattle. In the end on every cattle farm as dictated by the owners. All are cattle and when their usefulness is all used up. All become cattle to the slaughter of course except for the owners. 
It is said you must live in the world and not of the world. This is very true if you want any semblance of happiness in your life.
But what chance does anyone really have against the world systems? Almost from birth we watch our favorite media and play our violent games. Then as we age. We are all educated by the world. So that we each can have an opportunity to enjoy it's worldly riches. All we have to do is to be unquestionably obedient and to blindly believe all that the world rulers tells us how to think, feel, accept, reject and to act. 
So powerful is the world systems that when the worlds philosophies contradict the religions of the world. All of the religions capitulate to the new belief systems mandated by the world.
So what can anyone do? What is anyone to believe? Well are you merely religious then you shall believe the new rules of your religion. Even though you know it to be wrong and unnatural. But, you shall go along and accept their lies and truths.
You have another choice. To walk away from it all. That is your only choice. To walk away from the world and live in absolute faith in God. The God of Love, Peace and Harmony. The God of wisdom, Knowledge and understanding.
Will you walking away be easy? No, not in the least bit. For the whole of the worlds rulers know of this one superior God and yet obey the many little gods
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