Friday, May 22, 2015

Crab Shack Calm: (Unedited): 22 May 2015:

Only at the Crab Shack can you experience the calm before the rocking storm. While the band is on a break.
It is interesting how when you go to many different places. You always get the same background noises. The same dulled mental droning of various states of intoxication.  It is the same for virtually every bar, bar/restaurant, bar/club, and etc.
Except at the Crab shack. When the band goes on break. Just enjoy the calm. While drinking your drink and eating your meal. Just reach over to the one your with and smile. Can you feel it? It is there. The calm nothingness. Just reach out with the nothingness of your own mind and let the calm envelop you. Can you do that? Can you let go of the world systems which have brought you to this state of digital mindedness. Are you even aware of it?
Do not reach for your rectangular digital light bulb. Do not text or even read that text. Stay in this very real moment of Earthly calm and leave the worldly system of your mental state behind.
If you can. You will free yourself and escape from that which is unreal and into that which is genuine. Can you tell the difference? Even here in little Port Richey, Florida. You have this invisible bubble of some kind of mystical calm and you were/are another worldly bubble within a bubble. Can you pop your own prideful and egotistical bubble to feel what is real?
It's OK. If you don't feel it now. If you keep going to The Crab Shack, one day the Earthly calm shall flood into your worldly bubble. Then you will wonder why everything is so beautiful. I hope you get their one day.
This quote was written @
The Crab Shack
5430 Baylea ave.
Port Richey, Fl. 34668

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