Friday, May 22, 2015

Crab Shack Lovers: (Unedited): 22 May 2015:

A beautiful Friday evening always brings out the river lovers to the crab shack. 
This was written just before two about to be known lovers by me, walked in. I call that interesting. The lady has dedicated her life in the helping of children who are having much difficulties. Her boyfriend has a very deep heart with much compassion and love for those who have not had fair lives. A real man. Whom is not afraid to show his heart in public. Especially, to a stranger.
This out of the way semi secluded spot. Is difficult to approach and yet rewarding upon arrival. Th locals come here instead of the other popular places which just seem to be too much. Especially, after a long week of just too much. The river lovers come out to become reacquainted with one another or with the river. Some come to let loose with the band which doesn't blow apart your eardrums. What will you find? when you come out here. If you come out here. Will you remain a apart of the world mentality and know it to be just another dive joint with lousy Televisions or will you connect with other people who are there for their own reasons? Can you put down that rectangle digital light bulb thingy. Which only steals an experienced life away from you.
Can you just take in the beauty which surrounds you? Can you just open yourself up to the mystical and timeless wonders of this river? Because, when you do. Highway 19 just disappears. The homes on the other side of the river are just gone into the mists of time ever changing.
If you can get to the Crab Shack and are able to just let go of the world systems. You will discover those things which I have not even written about or even contemplated. Because all of those discoveries are only meant for you and your development.
This quote was written @
The Crab Shack
5430 Baylea ave.
Port Richey, Fl. 34668

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