Friday, May 8, 2015

Awesomenicity Awesomeness: (Unedited): 06 May 2015:

Awesomenicity is when awesome people continue to work in a state of raw awesomeness. 
Awesomenicity is not a real word, but it can be.  Just right click and then select Add to Dictionary.  See instant new word. Just awesome ain't it.
The awesome mind set. The awesome work ethic. The awesome perfectionist.
There are also, the derogatory insults. Which is used by those people who just don't care. The INFJ  or the person who is not aware they are a INFJ. It can be a tough existence with so much contradictory feelings. The important thing to keep in mind is what is right and what is not. Then carry on with what is right without any regard for the average minded people or even the apathetic. As an INFJ. I've had to learn that it is OK to disregard those peoples feelings who are just wrong. It is OK. It is OK for them to continue to be wrong with their subjective arguments.
For some it is personally important  to work hard, to work smart and to do high quality works. If this is a part of your identity. Then do not be less then your capability for the easement of other peoples possible attacks onto you. By not being who you are in this regard. You are sinning against yourself through denial. This is not right, not good and healthy for you. So have courage and be free to be yourself.
Mind Capitulation: (Unedited): 09 May 2015:
Capitulation is for the weaker mind, weaker argument and weaker life. 
 People who tend to believe in very little will change everything for that which only appears to be more powerful. This is also about believing in yourself. It is not easy being an INFJ. This is probaly the reason why there are so few INFJ's. Because, only the strong in spirit and the strong in mind can be an INFJ. This does not mean you won't become weary from time to time with all of the constant battles of the mind.
It is OK to go and find your quiet tree and let your brain do what it naturally does. It doesn't have to be a tree. It can be the stream, River, lake or ocean. It can be that desert place of apparent desolation. But, go to your place and feel all of that energy there.
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It is easy to be average. You don't have to try very hard.

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