Friday, May 8, 2015

Owned Robot: (Unedited): 08 May 2015:

When you refuse to follow the desires of your own heart and the dreams of your own mind. You become just another everyday ordinary slave robot to the world which owns you.
Listening to the desires of your own heart and the dreams of your own mind are those natural sources of direction you should take in your own life. By not listening to or following those desires and dreams. You submit your entire identity and direction of life to the leading of the world. In which the fee the world will charge you for their leading and guidance. Is the giving of your whole self to the desires and demands of the world system. By you obeying all of the demands of the world does mean that you have already become an enslaved robot.
Even if at this time you are already committed to this journey you have taken in this life. Like me. You may have to be the slave to the world for only a little while longer. But, you can begin now to raise up your own children to be strong and courageous and to follow their own dreams and desires. In doing so. You a enslaved robot like me. Can alter the future of humanity with the generation of your own children educated with wisdom and understanding. Then teach them that all of humanity no matter where they are, are truly your brothers and sisters. This is a genetic and unarguable fact. That the lies and deceptions of race relations is just a false truth taught to the generations of men in order to keep them segregated and isolated from one another. Because a divided people is a people which can be enslaved easily. By maintaining an us versus them mentality also keeps everyone separated from one to another. Through your own fears do you isolate yourself .
Read and watch this. A fearful mom sees her son becoming a part of the Baltimore riots. Out of her fear for her son being shot by the cops. She reacts in accordance to her fears and then she becomes a hero. Would the cops and the military shot her son? Yes, if the riots had escalated. It is the evolution of compliance through pain. The mother complied through her assumed pain of the possible killing of her son.
Of course listening to and following your dreams and desires are merely conditional. This is assuming you are a good person as defined by those ancient Holy texts. There are many people who have read the holy texts from cover to cover and yet understanding none of the wisdom contained there in. For instance here in Florida just the other day in the news. His lawyer even stated that he is a decent man. Really! This is no Robin Hood. He even had two very high value cars in his driveway. This is most definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing.
But, this is just one bad person amongst the multitude of bad within this state of Florida, USA and world. Assuming he is found guilty in a court of law. But, his lawyer has already set up a plea bargain. So the general public may never know the real truth.
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