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Never Fear Water: (Unedited): 05 May 2015:

The fear of embarrassing ridicule can cause a person to never begin.
Fear we think of as those negative feelings that tend to prevent us from doing most anything. Putting our hands on the stove or sticking our tongues onto frozen poles up north or swimming with alligators in Florida. These seem like very reasonable fears of self protection and of course there are many many more.
BUT, There are those other fears which seem to be pressed onto us from society and from our peers. Your peers may not have the best regards for you and may only see your mistakes or accidents as instant sources for their own amusement. This very rude and selfish behavior can easily be seen in those YouTube videos where people go out and have those embarrassing accidents or do those things which were not thought out very well. In which you can hear their own so called friends in the back ground laughing while taking video of the stupidity. Any friend not even a good friend would stop another friend from doing any physically harming thing on purpose. I guess today in this modern world there are few friends while there are many who only associate with others who bring amusement and entertainment.
This same kind of attitudes can also prevent a person from ever beginning a thing. Even if that thing could be their thing of future perfection within their own lives.
To be laughed at no matter what the reason or cause. Seems to be more than enough to cause those delicate souls from ever taking that first step towards a wonderful dream or goal which can be manifested. I see this as one of the greatest thefts and cruelties in modern society today.
I'm an INFJ. As an INFJ I'm not immune from ridicule from my peers as there are not many peers in my world or this world of 7.2 billion people. I'm not a very good writer and yet I still write. I would suppose if ridicule affected me to that degree of stopping I would have several thousand quotes ago. But, The message seems to be more important than proper writing style and you do have to really think about what you read from my uneducated writing style. Can you just get over how I do not use the word There, their or the other one incorrectly from time to time or is that most of the time. Because if you cant it's like staring at the finger and missing everything else. aha, Bruce Lee mix.Yes copy and paste, go watch it.
Think about Bruce Lee. I do not know if he was an INFJ . But, he suffered ridicule and death threats from all of the Asian martial arts community. Yet, today his vision can be seen in the mixed martial arts which is very popular today. Except for the obvious absence of wisdom and understanding which has been associated with martial arts in their recent history. I guess that is a great sadness in martial arts. Where any person can achieve great skill and knowledge of any art and yet be so unaware of it's history, wisdom and understanding. This is emptiness or a cup with no water and you have an unquenchable thirst for something which seems to be that unknowing thing at the tip of your tongue.
We should all be like Bruce Lee and not like him at all. In other words be yourselves and be unyielding in your endeavors, even if you have not begun them yet or even have a clue as to what endeavor actually mean. Because , be water my friend.
This isn't about fighting and yet it is. Can you fight with yourself?  Can you fight the Bruce and Chuck which is within each of us at once? We all do and we all must. Those who do find there thing in life. Had to fight many internal battles to get to where they are today and we each must fight many more unknown battles just to see tomorrow.
The statistical and logical conclusion of my childhood dictates. I should be dead more than once, I should be homeless, I should be incarcerated, I should be forgotten. This is my reasonable truth. This is not showing off or up for comparison of bragging rights. I'm pretty sure I may not have been able to survive the life you have lived. This is just a proof that we all must fight our own fights from within and from the outer world. Just the pressure from the outer world can be enough to keep you within your own inner world and that may in fact be a crime. Because, you may be that one person who changes the whole of the world. Can you see how you could be that water flow of change. The avoidance of stagnancy should be within us all and become our outward expression in this life.
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