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Christian Enemies: Righteous Understanding: Religious Truth: Righteous Martyrdom:(Unedited): 14 July 2015:

You religious Christian's whom God knows you not. The enemies are at your gates and have surrounded you on all sides. Yet, you continue to celebrate and rejoice in your religiosity. 
 You religious Christians. The enemies are at your gates. The enemies has their spies amongst you. While you rejoice and are entertained within your worldly feel good churches. You shall be torn asunder and no one will know. All atrocities to the Christian shall be sanitized. All content from the Christians shall also be sanitized. No one will know. No one will know that the Christian doomsday prepper who have fortified themselves has been completely destroyed and buried over. Never to be found or heard from again.
Your churches shall also be destroyed and burned without regard to the lies and deceptions which is racism. Again, no one will know. The only thing which shall save your church is to be on the LGBT good church list. These good churches will not teach anything in regard to sin or repentance. They will also make a declaration that anyone who is LGBT is A O K. and welcomed in any capacity within the entire church organization.
Church goers of the bad churches which is not on the LGBT good church list. Shall be followed and tormented. Their personal homes and things shall be destroyed. They shall also be physically punished and murdered. Yet, no one will know and their shall be no justice.
satan's justice: (Unedited): 14 July 2015:
Like a lightning Bolt Justice comes for the benefit of the most defiled of sinners. Justice comes with a vengeance to destroy all of humanity. Especially, the righteous ones in the eyes of only Yahweh Elohim. This shall be satan's justice. 
The bringer of justice should always be questioned. The Christina religious masses have become totally helpless and will do nothing. The world as they have known it has ended and they shall become the criminal as they already have. Through lawsuits all manor of Christian business shall be sued into nothingness. It will not stop there. The pressure on every single christian shall become over whelming to the point that their only safety is in the darkness of the forests and deserts. Yet, in time they all shall be found and buried in their places of discovery. For in that time. Those who hold until their end shall receive the divine blessing of the spiritual gift of martyrdom.
Righteous Understanding: (Unedited): 14 July 2015:
Any person can live right without God but any person who lives rightly with wisdom and understanding is righteous as accepted and seen by only God.
I have met many people who have considered themselves good by simply living a good life as a good civilized citizen. You know those godless types who recycle and save energy where ever possible. They never even make the connection that their gods and idols are those man made symbols in which they seek out as a consumer of goods.  
Religious Truth: (Unedited): 14 July 2015: 
You religious Christians have revealed the truth of your spirit when you permit by permission sin to enter your holy places. You have become more fearfully obedient to the offensive worldly laws than you are with Godly laws. The truth is you never were righteous Christians.
The evil threats which are within many churches shall be revealed when in those holy places sin is allowed to reside and is welcomed. This is only an aspect of abomination of desolation. 
Righteous Martyrdom: (Unedited): 14 July 2015:
Only those who are righteous to the cause and in their lives shall know the spiritual gift of martyrdom.
Those who are merely religious shall be tortured and killed. Many may believe them to be a martyr and declare it so. But, it shall not be the case when they only become the forgotten victim of a murder.
Lost Focus: (Unedited): 14 July 2015: 
The people who lose their focus of God are the ones who have chosen to turn their gaze and attention on the charismatically gifted of tongues. The unwavering belief and faith in any mortal person is he who becomes like gods and idols. 
This is how the common people follow men who have become god like Hitler, Stalin, Pol pot, Mao Zedong. The promise of a better future is paid for in blood. The sacrifices of humanity are of those persons who would have been or become the biggest stumbling blocks for the leader. You must murder every alpha male/female in order to exercise absolute and total control over everything.
Even though these dead blood thirsty dictators are long gone. They are still worshiped and their beliefs continue on.
Keep your focus upon God, seek out His Face. Do not follow any person. No matter how wonderful their words are. If you are one of the righteous ones as accepted by God and the spiritual gift of martyrdom is for you as it was for YAHSHUA Jesus Christ. Let you last gaze be for the face of God and your last urging thoughts be for Yahshua. In this way you shall have endured unto the end.
Christian Doomsday Preppers.
You shall fight and you shall kill many. But when the government authority focuses upon you and your prepper group. You shall be isolated and killed. Just watch the videos of the militarized police who respond to a shooter in some house. An army of militarized police show up with all manor of vehicles and air assets. Those targeted individuals who are in the zone of control. In that day shall be killed. All witnesses shall be cleared away.
The new government authority shall redefine what it means to be an accepted citizen and offer guidelines on how a good citizen is socialized, acts and reacts.
A part of your doomsday prepper plans should entail a focus on maintaining your own individual righteousness/holiness as seen and accepted only by God. For I tell you the truth. There shall be no place safe on the Earth or in it. No amount of physical preps shall keep you safe from free roaming demons who can just walk through your secret walls and concealed barricades.
Good Physical Death: (Unedited): 14 July 2015:
Enduring unto your end with your last willful act of your free choosing being that of righteousness and holiness is a good physical death. 
Control Zone: (Unedited): 14 July 2015:
Within the zone of control the government authority shall have total privacy to do as they will.
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Than You guys and gals at Anything Prep for publishing this quote series. 
This was a tough series of quotes to write. As I'm still not so certain that there will be a rapture of the faithful. But, I'm not so against the rapture that I will absolutely reject it, when it occurs. I just know historically throughout the Bible that God does not historically save the masses. God only saves a remnant. Such as 8 adults of Noah and his family. No children. I'm not condemning God just trying to grasp it all. No children were saved. Aren't children innocent or were children so contaminated down to the most basic of levels. They to had to be destroyed. God is all knowing and all wise and we all must trust in him. Even if we are all physically so contaminated that we are not selected to physically survive the coming hell on Earth. In a short period of time the entire Earth shall be DE-populated down to even to extinction of all human life. Except for the remnant to be saved.
So it is important to have your own spiritual connection to God. By you choosing to become more than just religious. By you freely choosing to be righteous and holy in the eyes of God. Because, when our physical bodies end for whatever reason. It is our spirits within which survives. This I know as an absolute truth without offer any proof.
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