Friday, July 10, 2015

Church of Sin: religious gods/idols: (Unedited): 10 July 2015:

The religious leaders who lie, cheat and steal (All Sin) in order to start and grow their churches prove to themselves to be the gods of their own creation. 
This is not just about lying, cheating and stealing. It is about all manner of sin, secret sins and criminality. By thinking yourself to be justified to rob even time from another just so that a good work can be done for your religion or for your church. Is still a sin as someone must sneak away in order to deceive some boss.
This does also includes any form of intimidation's, threat's and the perpetuation of any fear's.
This isn't just about churches. The word church can be substituted for Mosque, Temple, Synagogue or any Holy Lands/places. The greatest of holy places on this Earth is the whole of the Earth with all of it's waters. The greatest of any temple is not made of any stone or rock. It is within you the human being.
religious gods/idols: (Unedited): 10 July 2015: 
You religious gods. Who have set yourself up and apart for the worshiping masses. Shall become the idols of those whom tithe to you their god incarnate. 
All of you who are considered religious leaders, no matter the religion. Are not supposed to set yourselves apart or even set yourselves up to the accumulation of wealth and prosperity. You are supposed to be teachers and those who only point the way for the whole to become more than you are.  Just in the act of setting yourself apart from all of humanity and acquiring all manor of wealth, comforts, prosperity's, and even secret decadence. Yes, can you imagine the common person discovering that those place you visit outside of your own spheres of influence is where you express your own internal decadent expressions. For those of you religious leaders who do such things is reason why and how your evil and deserving of judgement from Him who is much greater than I can even conceptualize. fear not or fear you shall. Because, even in your own misinterpreted prophecies. When HE comes and HE is coming. Just as you preach to the worshipers the truth of the coming Great One. Who shall defeat all of the(HIS) enemies. You shall be one of those enemies and those who have decided to make you their god/idol. You shall be one of the ones who shall be judged as one of the greatest evils upon this planet. It matters not which religion I speak of. For the religion of peace has become the religion of war, death and destruction. The religion of love has become the religion of hate exclusion and apathy. The religion of harmony has lost it's rudder, it's compass and their sails cannot find a wind. Such is chaos for the religion of harmony
This is prophecy.
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