Thursday, July 16, 2015

Secret Actions: (Unedited): 15 July 2015:

In the actions of secret man made decisions. Are the prophecies and mentoring words become revealed.
The ripples of future natural events travel back in time as emotional trauma is magnified. While man made decisions also can be magnified in the outcome of rational events concluded to happen. What this means is. Rational and practical outcomes can be discerned by anyone who can think.
For instance legalizing a sinful act as mandated by a supreme being is not a wise action for those lesser beings. What shall be the logical outcome? Divine discipline shall come for all of those lesser beings. Shall the discipline be on a preordained holy day or on a numerological sequence of days which may come after the legalizing of a sinful act? It only matters to God and His coming disciplines for that country and people.
To only Liquidate your assets may be one of the best prudent response you can do to physically protect yourself and your family. Purchasing food stocks, gold and silver may even be the wise actions to take. Re-supplying of ammunition and supplies for your hidden bunker may even the best realistic action to take as your know what it is that can come.
But, all of these Doomsday Prepper or survivalist actions shall be for nothing if you have not made any acceptable preps for  the spiritual survival of yourself and for the rest of your family. As the head and leader of your family and group. It is your responsibility to assure the seriousness of everyone's spiritual connectivity to God. It is your responsibility to keep your family and group clear of all sin. All of your actions then need to be done without any threat's, fear's or intimidation's. All of your plans and actions. Then needs to be wholly accepted by God.
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