Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beauty Deep: (Unedited): 11 Oct 2015:

The beauty of any flower always begins deep down in the roots and from deep inside the core of it's being. 
The beauty of any flower does not begin in any external superficial understanding of accepted outward beauty. What it means to be beautiful does not begin with an agreement from the world or even from any sort of approval from the world.
While a delicate and beautiful rose can be agreed upon by many as beautiful. The rose never allowed any worldly constraints or global acceptance to be assigned a beautiful designation. it just is, was and remains beautiful.
Yet, when a beautiful rose plant becomes bothersome, unwanted or not of use anymore. It is simply dug up and replaced by something else. With never any thought of any sort of loss of missing anything which was deemed beautiful. This is the worldly way of things. In which no one of the world and who is in the world can ever truly understand the origin of beauty. The origin of beauty simply does not matter. To those who are in the world and of the world. It only matters how the beautiful thing makes them feel, right now. That is until something else makes their good feelings renewed. Then that which was beautiful is of no importance. It matters not if the old thing is still beautiful. The old beautiful thing has become nothing to the world and no longer of any significance. This often becomes a great sadness to that which was deemed beautiful. It should not be so. For the great sadness and the deepest pity should be for those who had genuine beauty in their midst and then rejected it wholly. The rejection of anything which is beautiful is not a judgement by the world that YOU are no longer beautiful. You are still beautiful so as long as deep down within you. You have maintained the deepest understanding as to the source of great natural beauty.
Here are your keys in keeping your beauty beautiful. Remain pure of spirit. By spiritually becoming what it means to always love, to always be in peace, to always exist in harmony, to always cherish and allow life. These are spiritual laws. Which are not enforced. There is no threats, no fears and no intimidation's to cause you to obey. You do so because you want to and see them for as they are. Which is good and righteous.
Remain pure in mind. Always only take in that which is truthful, clean, morale and pure. In this aspect. It may be of supreme importance to unlearn and to UN-know false truths. For instance RACE. The lie that an abused young person knows. That all of their abuses were their own fault. There are many lies and deceptions in the world. All and any lie and deception makes your mind ugly. To seek out truth and making it a part of your mind is beautiful. By throwing away all of the ugliness into the trash and then not remembering those old lies and deceptions any more is also beautiful. For instance, when you throw away the trash. Do you remember all of those individual things you had thrown away? really, go into your own trash and retrieve them so you can remember them all. (Don't do that, just understand the concept).
Do not put other peoples trash into your mind. From your eyes and through your ears. If that which you take in is not loving, peaceful, harmonious and life continuing. Then it is evil. Evil is ugly. Even if that country music you listen to is not considered by you as evil. Then you shall be aware of it when you consider the words of hate, drunkenness, lust and revenge that is within. The same goes for your T.V. shows, movies, books, magazines or video games you play.
Remain pure in your body. By eating and drinking those things which are known to be good, healthy and pure. Your body remains healthy and youthful. This just makes sense. Research and study GMO foods and foods which have been bathed in pesticides and hormones. They are just not good for you. Do not take in any drugs or alcohol of any kind. Do not smoke, sniff or dip any tobacco products. All of those things harm the body and alters your natural thinking mind. Everyone knows it.
Do not take in any medication which alters your mind. Here lies yet another lie and deception. If you have no conclusive proof of any kind of brain damage, injury or genetic defect. Then you should not be taking any sort of mind altering medication. I understand people get depressed. Depression needs to be talked out, worked out and understood. The long hard way. The easy road of medications only covers up your problems. Your mental problems never ever go away with any medications. Unless of course you become a life long zombie. Is this beautiful or not? It is never beautiful.
There are your three keys for true life long beauty. Maintain your spirit, your mind and your body.
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