Sunday, October 11, 2015

Inevitable Heart: (Unedited): 11 Oct 2015:

It matters not if you win every game or lose every game. The greatest of hearts is the one who played every game already knowing the inevitable outcome. 
Have you ever seen the young athlete who could not be defeated? Have you ever seen the tiniest of athletes who continually faced every monster who has come before him? Have you ever seen those who just quit or those who just refused to play the superior player?
Of the three different types of people. Who showed the greatest heart, the greatest courage and the greatest dedication?
It can be said that it is easy for the greatest athlete to face any opponent. While those who quit or refused to play a superior opponent were realistic or smart. But, neither of these two ever showed any real heart, real courage or real dedication. It is that tiny one amongst you who daily faces all of his monsters and returns to face more. No matter how many times he loses against the giants of this world. The tiny one wins. For his will, his resolve has never been defeated. 
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