Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Journey to Your Innocence: Naturally Reacquainted: Innocent Odd Ball: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2015:
The return to your innocence isn't lost in your forever. You are who you were and can become so again. We each can be all of who we were and once were all at the same time. No matter the difficulties we had ever faced. No matter the abuses and tortures of our youth. Innocence is merely lost and not gone. Waiting to be seeked for and found within the deep recesses of your own mind. It is close to where your child like joy was once prevalent. Finding one will reveal the other.
Many adults have lost their innocence. Even lost the capacity of their own humanity. It doesn't matter how or why these things were lost. They just were. Typically, It is not just the two things it is also true deep and meaningful joy. If you can imagine that joy can be meaningful. Which it is and joy can be yours all over again or be a brand new concept which has become a part of you.
The return to your innocence will require you to take that purposeful journey into the deep dangers of your own mind. Where you will be required to fight for your own sanity and for the right of your authority over your own thoughts and feelings. No  matter how displaced it all seems to be. Can you muster the courage and become brave enough to go into your own dangerous mind and tame all that is within? because, once you have conquered all that is within yourself. Can you then begin to know the joy of loving other struggling souls. The happiness of peacefully living with other dangerous spirits. The intimate harmony of being directly connected with all of the wonders of life. This is where the deep and most profound of joys resides.
Naturally Reacquainted: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2015: 
Shedding off all of those self created defensive shells also releases the torrential tsunamis of uncontrolled tears of every and all angst. This is healthy and necessary as you reveal your own helplessness and delicate nature to the whole of the natural world. You become reacquainted with the natural world through your return to innocence. 
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The return to your own innocence also means losing the worldly self whom you have grown to know in the artificial life you were brought up to look forward to living within. The artificial adult is what we all have become. Unable to know or experience the wonders of the true reality of all that is natural in this delicate and innocent world in which we inhabit. We can each mindlessly inhabit a self created artificial world and not ever actually have a life within the real world which surrounds all of it.
Innocent Odd Ball: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2015: 
The returning to your innocence will make you an odd ball in the artificial world.
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