Friday, October 16, 2015

Humanity Zero Point: (Unedited): 16 Oct 2015:

Work in progress
How do you control the evolution or De-evolution of humanity?
How do you restart all of humanity at zero?
You must first control all of education. The lack of and the limited of.
You must first Control all of the religions into one unified belief systems which focuses upon you.
You must eliminate all historical records and the evidence of them all.
Anyone who offers any insights by any extra ordinary means must either be controlled or eliminated. Which shall include their entire blood line. This includes all psychics, spiritualists. Even the helpless tribal peoples around the world shall be eliminated along with their belief systems.
All historical documents must be destroyed and the memory of them erased. This includes all ancient holy texts and scrolls.
All ancient and any buildings, monuments and stone carvings of any historical significance must be destroyed and forgotten in their entirety. Not a single stone shall be like a puzzle piece to be put back together.
Prior to Humanities zero point. All of humanity must want to reject all aspects of religion and be willing to destroy or recycle their own copies of religious texts and other artifacts.
There shall be no religious themed songs to sing. All of the religions shall be forgotten in one generation.
For example. This is prophecy.
The Vatican shall be utterly destroyed. Thousands shall die. All of the Catholic buildings around the world shall be destroyed and burned down. It shall all begin at the Vatican. No historical documents of any kind shall be removed. They will all burn. Only the precious metals and precious stones shall be taken and re-worked into new forms. This is what shall be publicized as the attackers primary intentions. But, the destruction of the Catholic Churches libraries and all ancient records shall be their primary purposes.
Who is actively destroying history or has had an active part in destroying humanities true history?
The ancient man-gods.
Fallen Angels.
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