Sunday, October 11, 2015

Schools Dream: 10 Oct 2015:

Last night dream. 09 Oct 2015: Very rough sleep. Very difficult to wake up in the sun. Not typical.
I see what looks to be great wide open fields of grasses. Close by a highway/interstate and close by a couple of large commercial buildings. Which appear to be a school or schools. maybe elementary/middle-school or middle-school/high-school.
I was anguished and felt panicked.
Added on 13 Oct 2015:
No new information of the above dream.
Will there be a major terrorist attack in some school somewhere? Maybe and most likely. The after effects of such a brutal attack upon children.
There were not enough security cameras. To see what was going on within the school at the time of the attack.
I saw a 3D representation of a video which showed where everyone was within a classroom. Without the use of typical security cameras. All done with computers desk tops and laptops. There was a program which brought all of the classroom videos together into a single image to show all that was happening within the classroom.
Every computer monitor within the class room had a camera installed. It was wired with it's own dedicated power supply and it's own direct connect internet access. No extra cables were visible. All internal wired. The cameras had their own addresses. Thus the external ability to control them.
So if a bad person entered the room. They would have to completely destroy the monitor. Instead of a single bullet into each monitor or at the onset completely disable all internet access to the school.
In this view of the classroom I saw. I saw a replacement of the dry erase board with a giant monitor. The monitor had a camera. Every student and teacher had their own classroom computer monitor with camera.
I can also see new fire alarms, smoke alarms and motion detectors with their own built-in cameras.
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