Friday, October 30, 2015

Past Deep: (Unedited): 30 Oct 2015:

Truthful and deep, intangible wisdom, knowledge and understanding come to those souls who have gone past their own mentality and physicality to truly know what is not there. 
Wisdom and understanding can easily come from watching those around you. What to do and what not to do. Especially, the what not to do. You know watch some of those YouTube videos of people doing stupid things. Watching those whom you consider to be successful and then copying their actions. So that you can have similar gains. You can also learn much more from your own failures than you can from success. Think about that one for a moment. Who was that inventor that invented the everlasting candle after more than a thousand failures. Now we have LED light Bulbs.
These kinds of wisdom, knowledge and understand is only the tip of the ice berg. To what is really underneath the water. That point of division between the ice, the water and the air. One you cannot see but can feel if something wrong happens to the air.
To go really deep in your own journey to find new wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You must become blind, deaf, helpless, breathless, without senses and unfeeling. All of your fears, anxieties and psychological boxes must be released, opened or disappeared. Almost to the point that even your own physical body no longer matters any more.
Then after you free yourself from all of physicality. You can then begin a new journey into those deeply profound intangible things. 
-As I'm writing this. It always seemed to me that the wisest of the wise always seemed to be weakly thin. I wonder if that is some kind of clue. But, then you have that fat Buddha. The reader needs to know. I'm 5-10 inches and weigh 230 pounds. I'm not comparing myself to the wisdom of Buddha, only our common rotundness.
- I am not implying anywhere that you must die, to seek physical death or to continually flirt with death by any possibility. Nor am I implying that you must harm yourself in any way. I also, do not agree in anyway the use of any mind altering substances of any kind. No matter their legality or how they are prescribed for medical uses. 
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