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Hood Respect: Hood Life: (Unedited): 29 Oct 2015:

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A life in the hood is solely based on the perpetual building of respect through Disobedience, Anti-civility, Lawlessness and Retaliation.
Hood Life: (Unedited): 01 Nov 2015: 
Physically leaving the hood culture for a better life cannot happen when you continue to exist mentally in the hood life. 
Living down here in Port Richey, Fl. of Pasco County. We have a huge transient problem. Families come here all of the time with their children they are trying to save from all of those bad gang member people up in the Yankee northern USA. The parents thinking their children are now safe. Get that rude awakening when only to discover that their precious innocent child is the one who was the cause of all of that drama up North and they brought the trouble down here into Florida.
he hood life and the hood culture. You may be able to leave one and yet keep the other within you. Thus, you may think and wish that your loved ones are now safe. But, it is they who have brought the Hood Mentality down with them to the sunny and safe state of Florida.
When you have grown up with any kind of life style. It is hard to escape from. No matter what it is. This is the same with the Hood life mentality. And yet you continue to listen to the hood life music. You watch the hood life music. You begin associations and relationships with other hood life people. Really, what has changed other than the physical location? Nothing.
Eventually, You will have zero options and opportunities for any kind of peaceful life with any kind of stable family structure. This is because, you have only a short time to become educated and to continue on in college. If you do not become educated and then continue on so that you can be gainfully employed. Your life is going to be really difficult and it doesn't even matter what hood your from. You will remain in one low income hood or another. This is because, all of the rules have changed once in 2001 and yet again in 2008. After, 2008, it is now virtually impossible to obtain quality employment without a marketable college degree. Just go and ask those 40 and 50 year old's who did not have a college degree but suddenly lost their management positions simply because of a corporate policy change in the minimum requirements for that position they held for so many years.
What are the lies and deceptions of any hood culture? It seems not to matter where ever the hood culture is in the world.
The lies are Life, Respect, Acceptance, Acknowledgement.
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The truths of the Hood Culture.
Death, Disability, Addiction, Imprisonment, Anger, Hatred, sadness, Cruelties, Depression, Hopelessness, Continual and never ending fear.
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