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Root Evil: (Unedited): 31 Oct 2015:

Disobedience is the root action to all evil which is done. 
All of the disobedience you have done in this life of yours is just one of those absolute factors which have placed you in that exact place you are at right now.  Are you in Jail, homeless, Low paying job or unemployed. Maybe, your that hardworking and self motivating slave driving sole. Who just wants to over come the past.
The most likely reason why you are in your undesirable situation. Is not because of anyone else but you. It doesn't matter if you were born into an undesirable family or was raised in the Hood. You are solely responsible for your own life.  The point is what do you do now? What are you going to do with your life now? How are you going to change your circumstance? Or is it just too late for you? Even if your will and resolve is too weak for your own change. Be directly honest with those young ones and demand of them not to become like you are now. Expect your own children to be better, smarter and wiser than you are. Point out and tell every story of why everything you know is wrong and point the way for them to seek out what is true and right.
By you opening the door for all of them to escape. Means they will be able to create for themselves their own self fulfilling prophecies in their own lives.
Those self fulling prophecies are critically important in every ones life. These are those intangible self reoccurring thoughts we all have within our own minds. You know what I'm talking about. Those repetitive thoughts of negativity, failures, impossibilities. Making those comparisons of how you are just one of the average statistics. Which means all you have to come in your future is disability, death, depression, detention and disharmony. These are all the lies of comparisons we all make with everyone who is in our similar circumstance. If they can't then I can't. If they died then I will. If they are in and out of detention then i will be to. if they are failures in life then so will I. Of course no one may never ever admit to it. Until, That thing happens. Which causes them or forces them to see the truth of their own world of absolute depressing ugliness. As was with me. For me it was genuine Love. To watch my first born son blue and unresponsive with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck many times. In January he will graduate college. A natural born leader. That is when for me and a new beginning.  
This is like saying to yourself CONTINUALLY.
to everyone 
to myself
By being disobedient to anyone. You are causing harm to them as well as yourself. Even though in that moment you think you have won or have gotten away. You harm yourself. Can you see how this is your own self perpetuating evil.  Your own self fulfilling prophecy of perpetual negativity. It is easy to fulfill your own negative thoughts. Just continue to make those wrong decisions in your life. They are usually the opposite of the right decisions. For instance. In the hood you cannot become educated if you pursue any betterment of yourself. Then you will be considered weak and thus targeted. You will suffer greatly in the hood for even thinking you can become better than anyone else. Who are unable to leave the hood life and hood culture.
This is all the continued genetic disobedience of Cain and the continuing disobedient curse of satan.
You can stop it. You can change. You can find your will and resolve. If you cannot or know not how. Then find a goody good person who you know can be your victim at any time. You know what I mean. This kind of person or persons who are so genuinely good with flowers, kindness and gratitude. That you almost want to vomit in their presence. Then you will know that they are those who you need in your life. Know that they do not need you.
There is also a subtlety to disobedience as well. We are all human beings and are all empathic. Because, we are all empathic we are almost required to act upon our empathy being triggered. But, because of our predestined free will. We all have the ability to act out with love, compassion and mercy. We can absolutely reject are human capacity of empathy. We can even be entertained by others dire circumstance in that moment through some kind sick and twisted form of humor. Any time we, you or me refuses to act out with love, mercy and compassion for any poor soul. We are all being disobedient. From this subtle disobedience we are all exercising evil behaviors.
Being obedient is an aspect of the formula for life.
Life = Love+Peace+Harmony+Law.
Being disobedient is an aspect of the formula for death.
To love one another. 
To live in peace.
 To exist in harmony.  
To cherish life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be. 
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