Thursday, November 5, 2015

Signs of Living Judgement: (Unedited): 05 Nov 2015:

There are physical and psychological signs in which the righteous and holy person can discern in other people. Especially in regards to those persons who are still alive which has already been Judged by God already. This message is solely for those who are righteous, holy and have not been judged. Those who have already been judged. Will not even know this message or any other similar to this message. For the already Judged. There is zero hope for any sort of forgiveness or salvation. Most likely even unto their own children or off spring. They do not even care about. I write this knowing I'm inadequate to complete this message in it's entirety. Which means I've only come up with 5 signs. Which are not ordered and most likely not worded correctly. There is most likely more signs. In which you the righteous and holy shall be able to discern better than I can. If this partial message becomes fully revealed unto you with all necessary facts of the Bible. Then by brother and sister. Run with it and of course credit me not. I'm not one who needs credit or any accolades.   

Is this even possible? Can it be possible? That God can and will judge a person, a people, a city, a country and even a planet. While those people are still physically alive? Where in the Holy Bible can you find stories where God has judged while they still live?
1). The absolute knowing that your deeds are evil and yet you continue to do them.
2). Loss of any desire to change your evil ways.
3). Absolute apathy in anything  which is not self serving, self profiting or self gratifying.
4). Connections and relationships with "good" family and "good" friends permanently severed. (The word "good" actually means actually "good").
5). Anything and/or anyone which is good and pure. Shall become corrupted and contaminated with any involvement with you.
Added on 08 Nov 2015: 
Abominations in the USA. The Prophetic Jubilee Mysteries Day 7.
With Rabbi Jonathon Cahn Day 7 watch entire video show of 58:30 minutes. Aired 29 Oct 2015: Show # 2859.
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The final countdown.
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