Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Ships Dream: 06 Nov 2015:

Time is short. The countdown has begun. It doesn't really matter if you perceive it or not. If you do perceive it. it will only matter if you have been an obedient righteous person.

Many people could not see the great ships of dazzling colors. These ships were huge/immense and silent. These ships were obvious war ships. They were above the clouds way up high. the perception of clouds were also on the ground. But, it or they were not fog. I suspected my view of these ships were based on my own reasonably self defined perceptions. They were most likely not what I think I saw.
There were no human made aircraft in the skies at all. Then they attacked the power plants of the world in such a way which would not cause any harm. I perceived an explosion but there were no effects of an explosion. Yet, power remained on and I knew this to was a part of the countdown. Soon the total purification would begin.
I seemed to be questioning within myself that all of realty has been altered at a very fundamental level. I'm still not sure why or how or even how to articulate it all.
I went to see other people and they seemed to be oblivious and sluggish.
I saw a hurried doomsday prepper and he took what I knew I or he needed. I began to respond as if I were a doomsday prepper and then just stopped. It just doesn't matter any more.
I saw a huge ship hover over me, but it was really centered over a distant power plant. A visible countdown began under the vast ship and I knew it wasn't the so called mother ship. I saw countdown numerals and then a few symbols. Then an energy came down out of the ship and hit a power plant. I perceived an explosion and yet there was none. I knew I would be dead this very second and then I was not. An explosive wave. That I knew was filled with great heated radioactive energy just passed right through me and I was unharmed.
I saw people who were just completely unaware and sluggish. The great darkness began. This to was another countdown.
I have been affected by this dream. Somber. 
Blog number 1177.
Possible date remembered 11/7.
As a possible observer. Is the possibility of harm to self diminished?
Wife was in dream and left up into the sky. No children were in the dream.
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