Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Illuminated Darkened Souls: (Edited): 25 Nov 2015:

Darkened souls who are illuminated with artificial light are not righteous or holy.
C.J. MacKechnie
Darkened souls are like a black hole in space. They just suck everything into themselves hoping they will become filled. In reality, this will never happen, so the darkened souls attract truly enlightened ones to surround them, hoping that their outpouring of light will illuminate their darkened being. In reality, this never happens. Those truly enlightened ones just become an accretion disk around the darkened ones until even their own illumination is sucked in and destroyed.
Those who have not been judged by God while still living are the supreme targets of those who already have been judged. The darkened souls' intended reason for attracting good and enlightened people is because the darkened souls want to be a part of the light, even though they cannot become good. The darkened souls have been judged as completely incapable of becoming good. This is because God has taken that free will away from them. It is a part of their judgement.
The darkened souls care not who they burn out, burn up and destroy. The darkened souls will just continually bring in to themselves new and fresh enlightened souls to extinguish. Their charismatic smiles make every person seem to just want to help out in some way, make the enlightened souls just want to give everything they have and are to that great deceiver. The darkened souls in human form who become gods and or idols amongst many are easy to see if you just open your eyes. The light of your church should be a beacon in the community. The accumulated wealth brought in is spread amongst the needy in a compassionate and wise manner.
 The accumulated wealth is not supposed to be spent on the pastor or his family. The church wealth is not supposed to be used to purchase personal properties overseas or private jets. If this is your church and you're feeling burned out from Christian faith, then something is wrong. A true and faithful Christian doesn't become burned out or burned up, because while you give everything for your reward in heaven, so too should the pastor. If your pastor is profiting more than what is deemed comfortable, that is a problem.
Your freedom from the darkened soul is but a step away, in that small darkened and private place of your prayer closet. Pray and meditate. Rediscover the genuine light of Christ within your being. Allow it to heal you, to sooth you, to comfort you.
Seek out and find your works of faith, where your love for everyone will matter to all of them. For out into the your world you should go and express compassion and mercy.
Even in these end of days when the Lord on high shall come soon, the greatest of all deceptions shall come first with the false messiah and false god. The true and devout ones who are genuinely humble in their righteousness and holiness shall be hunted and unmercifully killed.
How does this end up good? The true you is the spirit within you. You are not your mind or your physical body. The spirit YOU with this human form is what is supposed to be in control of your mind and body.
So when you do for God by expressing love, peace, harmony, law and life both within and outside  of your whole being, it matters not what the outside world does to your physical being. Just read the Holy Bible and what happened to the apostles. Are you more important than they? How was Jesus treated? Are you more important than Jesus? So endure unto your end however that may happen and by whatever means. As the final sleep falls upon your weary eyes, you will reawaken in glory.
So endure unto the end of you, with all of your final intentions, actions and expressions upon your Heavenly Father and of your Divine brother your Lord Jesus.
Edited by:RLD.
This work has been republished on: #Prophecy Everyday
Thank you to the owners and editors for including this work. 

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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