Friday, November 27, 2015

Lion King prophecy: (Unedited): 27 Nov 2015:

The coming Lion King will not recognize or acknowledge any established authority or ruling body.
The coming Lion King will not honor anyone's right to exist including all establishments.
The coming Lion King will bring great fear and shaking to all. Including the great deceiver's who proclaimed themselves as god's.
Have you ever thought to negotiate with a lion? Do you even think it is even possible? You may know of some lions in cages(zoo's) or performing in some circus acts. Even in those situations there is a great deception being practiced. An illusion of who has real power. The men and women who pretend to control the lions also have men with large guns ready to kill the lions if control is lost.
This is not the coming of the great Lion King. There will be no deceptions and no illusions. The coming of the Lion King will be an exercise of complete and absolute authority over all.
The Lion King shall come. The final countdown of the Lion King has already begun. This is not the only final countdown. The great deceivers have their own variety of final countdowns. These are primarily used as timers. Where one thing ends while other things begin. All of media is used against humanity while in full view of all.
The great deceiver's will try and leave the planet and the solar system. The great deceivers will offer up zero defense and zero resistance.  Even though their hateful and angered desires greatly suggest differently. All of the great deceivers plans, efforts and actions will amount to absolutely zero. The great deceivers will flee to only save themselves. The great deceivers will abandon all who have gave to them all. Even those who remain on Earth shall even stand to wage war against the Lion King. The great deceivers will have zero love, zero thoughts, zero cares, zero compassion and zero mercies for any of their subjects, slaves and servants. Everything the great deceivers do is only for themselves and nothing else. The great deceivers have only absolute apathy for anything which is not of or for themselves. No excuse and no escape for the great deceivers.
The great deceiver perfectly mixes great deceptions with little truths so that all of humanity will blindly follow their will.  This shall occur before the coming of the Lion King.
This is a note about the rapture:
The interpretations of the coming of Jesus Christ was incorrect. The Jewish people were under the authority of the Roman empire. So because of this hardship. The Jewish leaders knew the prophecies of their coming Messiah and they only assumed what was the best interpretations for them. Kind of selfish But it gave the religious elites greater wealth. What would you want a great warrior leader who destroys that which you hate and suffer under or a lamb? Think about it.
So today, most people in the Christian faith knows the prophecies and their feel good incorrect interpretations. no ones wants to endure unto the (their) end however that may happen. So the false prophets who profit greatly with their books all proclaim the feel good and easy account. Yet, today as in right now. The devout Christians are being tortured and murdered in Syria. Hundreds of Christian children have also been murdered. Entire villages destroyed. I ask you where is their rapture? Where is their mercy and compassion? Those who have suffered and have been martyred. I hope the Yahshua was the last desires of their hearts and thoughts in their mind. Then it can be said that they had endured unto their ending as prophesied in Matthew 24:13.
My view is Matthew 24:13.
What did Jesus say about the rapture? Can you find the word rapture in the Holy Bible?
Against the Rapture.
Of course here are those purple words again. If you want to prevent all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken by genuine prophets of God and it doesn't matter if they were ever accepted by any established religion. Then following the purple words below may just avert all of it.

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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