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Mid Flight Cruise Vision: (Unedited): 23 Nov 2015:

This is unedited. Duplication and certain things will most likely be out of order.  
A difficult read right now.
I think this is many years into the future. Possible prophecy. In which there will be no civilian winners. Civilians always lose no matter which side they are on. Their losses are always very personal. 
I see several flights of different kinds of aircraft. Some manned and many more autonomous. I will do my best to describe what I see. The location is unknown as I feel like I'm above the clouds.
What I see is the transition from mid flight to terminal flight. (My words).
The spearhead of the entire grouping of aircraft is lead by the cheaper and dumber cruise missiles. All with their own preset targeting assignments. Their destinations are the hardened military sites.

A short duration later. The primary flights of both manned and unmanned aircraft. Along side of them are the much smarter cruise missiles.
The manned aircraft have their full compliment of missiles as well as command and control of their own networked cruise missiles in flight along with each corresponding manned airplane. Some of the cruise missiles are taxed with defense of the manned aircraft.

The manned aircraft seemed to have more separation between them. Although they are still paired together.
There are many varieties of cruise missiles.
The dumber cruise missiles. Are pre-programmed with set destinations of hardened targets. They are sent in to absorb and overwhelm the first defensive actions of the enemy SAM (Surface Air Missile) sites.

Cruise missiles with their own radar and can be targeted for incoming threats. The new targeting data can come from other aircraft sources within the network or from satellite communications and ground control Radar stations. 

Cruise missiles. Which can be nuclear penetrators. These would fly as any other cruise missile would. Once it reaches it's target destination. It would quickly gain altitude to a certain terminal height. Then engage a hyper velocity engine diving straight down through the target. Thus, detonating the nuclear payload deep underground.

Cruise missiles. Which may have pre-selected targeting data can be re-programmed throughout the entire flight path. If enough fuel is left over they can even loiter until a target is assigned. If no new target is assigned. The cruise missile can self destruct in a safe place or it can follow pre-programmed target assignments.

Cruise missiles can be assigned to a specific aircraft. Like a heavy, slow and very visible bomber. Depending on package set up. They can act as additional eyes, electronic disruption or as defensive weapons for defense of the bomber. If the bomber is lost. The cruise missile can be re-assigned to a new aircraft or dispatched on a new mission.

This is how it could look or planned out. The bombers take flight. They refuel many times. Upon the last refueling. The bombers are met up with their assigned compliment of cruise missiles. Which arrange themselves in the best tactical formation around each of the bombers. Within a flight. How they would arrange themselves. I do not have the knowledge to even guess. The cruise missiles may originate from Navy destroyers, Submarines or from land.

Some of the new ultra-long range cruise missiles. Have some kind of added stage. Which can be dropped off in mid flight.
The enemies Sam sites see the first wave and launch their missiles. Destroying almost all of them. The rest are re-targeted and destroyed. It takes time to reload a missile battery. It takes time to shoot and to scoot. The spearhead of the next wave of cruise missiles are the ARMs and electronic jamming Cruise missiles or drones. Blinded, partially blinded or receiving misleading data telemetry. the active Radar systems are targeted and destroyed. Command and control are destroyed next. Drones and sensor type of cruise missiles. Seek out for active signals and alert the incoming cruise missile for new targeting data. Drones see the reloading of mobile SAM batteries. Ground controllers far away re-task certain cruise missiles already in flight. Those SAM batteries being reloaded are destroyed.
 As the SAM sites exhaust their missiles. They all need to be reloaded. While at the same time those that shoot their entire missile compliment. Will need to scoot to a predesignated safe place for reloading. Those mobile SAM launchers should be easily tracked by surveillance drones. Then with satellite up-links the incoming waves of cruise missiles can acquire new targeting data and continuous intelligence feed in real time. If the timing is perfect. The incoming wave of cruise missiles can arrive at the exact time when the reloading process has already begun. Thus, destroying more than the mobile SAM launcher.
The waves of cruise missiles were intermixed. With a variety of different styles of cruise missiles. Different varieties and capabilities. It does seem the rear of these ultra range cruise missiles are all identical. This is where the ranges in excess of 3000 miles comes into effect.
There is a dual purpose drive unit. The primary typical jet engine unit. Coupled to or mated together in some way with a hyper velocity or rocket motor. These may be staged units of some kind.
That seems to be the end of the vision. No real ending or location. From whom to whom. I think what is important we as a human species are all on an evolutionary path for extinction through warfare. The technology is present. The point will come when the few can begin a war or end a civilization regardless of what the general population desires. If the common soldier refuses to go to war for no apparent reason. There will be enough autonomous machines of war to start a war and force everyone to become engaged in warfare. Once the fighting begins. Total human extinction will be the final conclusion and then there will be peace on Earth. Hence the Peace sign as we commonly know it. Is a dead tree of life. An upside down symbol. It is also a broken cross of Christ. Which represents the opposite teaching of Christ which was to love one another. You cannot love your brother when you are killing him as he is killing you. Only the purple words below can save humanity from extinction. But, it has to begin at the individual level and by your own free choice.
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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