Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fight Will: (Unedited): 18 Dec 2015:

The will to fight goes deeper than the physical ability to continue to fight well.
The will to fight goes deeper than the mental ability to continue to remain in the fight.
The will to fight goes deeper than the hearts ability to continue to feel passion for the fight.
The will to fight goes deeper than right or wrong and good or evil.
The will to fight begins from within the illusive spirit of your true nature. 
The word use of "Fight" is not about violence, hate or anger. 
 I have always wondered why some people can continue to fight even though when it is absolutely useless to continue. When all is lost and that any resemblance of victory is not to ever be seen by the one who fights. On the surface of what it is you see. Is where the impossibility resides. But, deeper within the human spirit is where you can see the expression of self identity in "I'm Possible". But, you as a person must get past your own discomfort and thoughts of how superior you are over those who suffer greatly. You may even see some poor soul so completely genetically messed up. That you say within your own mind. That they should not be in the public and remain in some institution out of view and out of memory.
For you who have thought and felt these self centered things. Have just missed an opportunity for bettering yourself, For improving your humanity with empathy, love, compassion and mercy. Those precious good qualities of whole human beings. Because, of your rejection of those good qualities you remain on your journey into the darkening of your own soul.
The fight is deep within the whole soul of the true warrior. Physically born into a genetically defective body, created by pharma vaccinations, or even by severe accidents. It matters not the how or why. The true warrior which is within already knew this to be the outcome for deep spiritual learning. The warrior spirit within choose this body and this circumstance to show the impossible fight. That just by changing the way you think can instantly cause you to traverse the infinite space between impossible and I'm Possible. The power of thought and of intention can even change the fate of the whole world which is about to become extinct.
The power of thought and of intention is two different things. A person can know Peace, Love, Law, Harmony and Life are of importance. That very same person who goes on in conflict, hate, lawlessness, chaos and death. Shall his/her intentions be known and easily seen.
The truest and most powerful forms of inspirations in life that you will ever witness. Is from those spiritual warriors who continue to fight ongoing battles in multiple war fronts. That they already know they cannot ever win. Can you fathom that? Fighting a physical war, Mental war, social war, family war, Friendship war, identity war, spiritual war, Health war and whatever else war all at the same time. Where all of these battles are raging against you at all times. Day in and day out. Non stop and never ending. Where all of these raging battles and active warfare are absolutely impossible for you to win. Can you handle that?
and yet, the beautiful gentle soul can great you with a genuine smile as her squeaky wheels come closer and her contraption holds up her weak legs. You embrace in a hug with her weak one good arm. Somehow That hug was more meant for you than it was for her. The power of her spirit is without any weakness or flaw.
It isn't because of curses or sins that people become defective. Their purpose and meaning in life can be much deeper than any person can ever know if all they do is look at the surface.
This is where your inspiration can be found. Can you handle it?
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