Friday, December 25, 2015

Mentored Prophecies: (Unedited): 25 Dec 2015:

The mentored becomes mentors at prophecies end.
 The perpetually mentored are also the same ones who must endure the prophecies manifestations. The rewards and curses in life are brought upon each one of us through those fundamental decisions we each have made in our life. From those decisions do we each also bless or curse the next generation of life to come. It is only us who bless or curse ourselves directly. *God will bless and curse or He will not bless or curse those whom He wants in the time He wants. Although God can and will do as He sees fit with or without any agreement or decent from any human being.
It is only when the mentored becomes both the mentors and prophets when all of the prophecies which have been made or is to be made become invalid. The mentors are those who freely choose to obey the laws of God. Not because they have to but because they want to. For these true mentors of God can see the pure truth and have the genuine logical understanding in the laws of God.
Which is based in some way to the incomplete and poorly arranged mathematical formula of Life below. (The formula below is my inadequate and incomplete understanding of what I'm trying to express).
Life = Love, Peace, Harmony and Law.
11 Nov 2016: * Changed sentence structure. Error. Telling God what He can and can't do. Never a good thing. or even would or would not do.
Mentors and prophets are one and the same person. It is usually the timing of when the mentor and prophet speaks. Some people are better mentors then they are prophets and some prophets do not make good mentors. I would suppose and assume God would send mentors and teachers first and then when the stubborn mind and hardened heart does not change or alter course. God sends in the prophets with their hammers and chisels. When neither the mentor and prophet has had negligible effect or affect. Then that person, family, people and nation. Must endure their own self ascribed predestined fate. 
Is not a teacher a mentor? 
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