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San Bernardino Message: (Edited): 03 Dec 2015:

Not Complete:
I have purposefully stayed away from the news on this event. I have thought about the event all day without getting into any of the news sources.
1). There is a message to a single person from Islam to unknown person. Most likely in US Government or in the San Bernardino Government.
2). You(Police), Feds and military are being watched and tracked. Your tactics and strategies are being analyzed. Plans are being made to subvert any action you may take. Time is on the side of Islam. This is most likely all law enforcement agencies as well as families (Assumption).
3). No matter what you do you cannot stop Islam within the USA.
      Note: Here we think of the disabled as helpless and innocent. Research of Islam believes that disabled children are curses and badges of dishonor. Deserving of death.
4). This was just another test. There is continuing evolution in Islamic attacks against civilian targets. The new evolution is escape. The reason for escape is so the Islamic team can conduct another attack elsewhere. This is why the extra ammunition and explosives were found.
5). The new evolutionary face of women in Islam.  Bear your babies and kill all of the infidels you can. If possible saving your own life through escape, so as to have more babies and kill more infidels.
The Truth of Islam in the USA and Europe:
You may think of your Islamic coworkers as friends and may even like them very much. They are not. Islamic people are your enemies and want you and your way of life to die, to be destroyed, even your history. Islam wants to erase you from all of human memory as if you never existed. There is no negotiation. This is a continuation of the Christian Crusades and WW2. It doesn't really matter if you agree or disagree.
In Islam it is permissible for an Islamic person to become your friend and maybe even convert to Christianity if it benefits Islam. We all know that this is not hard to do especially knowing the fallen sate of Christianity and the abomination of desolation which takes place in churches daily.
This is what people have said about these particular Muslims.
Farook’s brother-in-law, Farhan Khan, said at a press conference with the Orange County chapter of CAIR: “I have no idea why would he do that. Why would he do something like this? I have absolutely no idea.” These are permissible lies which benefit Islam. In private they will celebrate their Islamic Brother and sister deaths as Holy Martyrs. 
But Farook “never struck me as a fanatic, he never struck me as suspicious,” she said.
Patrick Baccari, who shared a cubicle with Farook, said his colleague appeared to be “living the American dream” with his new wife and baby.
Baccari and another worker said Farook rarely started a conversation but was well-liked.


02 December 2015:
The use of all Wikis is for uncertain purposes. To be gleaned by those who know more than me.
02 Dec Wiki
Sheriff News on Gun carry
What is the likely outcome of this will be is that the civilian population of the USA begins to realize that all of Islam and all Muslims are the enemies of all that America is. Islamic women are just gestation factories to create more Islamic soldiers for the cause of the entire West's death and destruction. This does include Russia and China because all land and all water belongs to Islam.
Once the people realize that their co-workers have this secret agenda and have their own secret plans. Once people realize that all of those Islamic men who have been smiling and friendly to them in the exercise clubs and martial arts dojo's all around the USA and world have only been doing what they have been doing so that they can kill you more efficiently and quickly, everything changes.
Because, even law enforcement personnel will choose to not even follow up, especially when they too realize that they and their own families have been watched and followed. There is history of this with military families. Islamic Intimidation of the military.
Everywhere an Islamic person is employed they are a true threat to your lives and to everyone else. Islamic men working at Campbell's soups or other foods canneries are just an event away from introducing a poison into the soups or foods.
The prophecy of the coming American, European and Canadian Tet Offensives. The power of this seems to be focused in the USA. But, I'm an American. So this is most likely why these feelings are stronger within me.
Can you imagine 100,000 Islamic teams of people all with a variety of guns and military gear. Using the weapons, explosives, grenades against the civilian population inside the USA.
The America Tet event may not begin with the entire Islamic in full use as offensive aggressors. A number of Islamic teams may most likely be pre-positioned to guarantee escape and to attack the backside of police and military barricades. There will also be a number of teams who will just go after Commercial infrastructures in which they are already employed. Islamic men and women will engage at their own individual time as chosen by them soft targets such as schools, hospitals and more corporate offices. No one will suspect any of their Islamic friends of whom they are employed with. Because, they are friends and they are nice. We had a baby shower for them. Why would they come in to murder us? Exactly.
This is war. The old school ways of conducting war means you kill them all and that is the intent of all of Islam.
The ugly of ugly is this. The Federal government repeals the entire 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the USA. This will include the banning of all military and hunting gear. This may also include the banning of all martial arts training studios/dojos, because you cannot control any population where hand to hand combat is superior to your own minimally trained police and military soldiers. Great fighting will ensue between law enforcement and the civilian population. This could lead to civil war and the end of the USA as prophesied by a prophetess from Africa. About 100 years ago. It looks like this information is becoming more and more difficult to get online.
The Department of Home land Security becomes a lawful police force with all of their own military equipment weapons, bombs and missiles. In which once law enforcement surrounds and isolates any civilian dissenter, bombs away. End of problem.
The civilian population upon knowing and fearing for the safety and well being of their own family and friends will begin killing on their own any other civilian who appears to be Islamic in any way. This will evolve to anyone who merely looks differently than they do. The great racial divide will deepen and then come crashing together in a full scale race war at which point the Federal government will take necessary actions. Institute nationalized martial law, guaranteeing that the last sitting president remains as such for as long as he shall live. The USA ends.
U.S. Navy ships, boats will be surrendered to NATO. This will include all other military equipment and personnel. More details in my other writing. The Islamic authority will begin to engage a wholly defenseless American population. This may be the true beginning to the American Tet. Which may end being called or named something else entirely.
The timing and order of things are difficult for me to ascertain. Also, simple revelation can alter everything. It is my hopes that all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken is completely altered. This is why I include the answer in purple below. 
Added on 06 Dec 2015: 
The signs of the times also include understanding the prophecies of those prophets of old, even if they are unaccepted by the Christian or Catholic churches.
It would be wise for the person who is not a Rapture believer as myself to know the signs of the times. Because, even God used an unaccepted seer in the old testament. Even sent an Angel to communicate while he was upset with his donkey. This story even makes you wonder who is the @ss. Anyway. God will use people as He sees fit. It doesn't matter if you accept it or not. I find it interesting that 2 prophecies "MAY" be occurring at the same time. If you are into prophecies and into planning for prophecies as Doomsday Preppers are, then these two prophecies are necessary of your research. It is not my intention for you to absolutely believe anything I write. I expect you to pray, meditate and research everything everywhere. Maybe, it is you who gleans more than I do and is able to communicate it better than I can. Maybe, it has already been done. I do not know.
1).  The "Prophecy of the Popes" is attributed to St. Malachy.
2).  The "Last President of the USA" is attributed to Johanwa Owalo. What is interesting about this person it there used to be much information from official sources like Wikipedia. But, now there is nothing that can be easily found.
What is important is the message from the messengers of God. The messenger isn't important. Only the message. Even then every word spoken or written must be tested. Because, even satan used Peter to try and deceive Jesus. So, who is anyone else that they would or would not be interfered with by satan without their knowledge.
It is important to research every person. To see who they are and how they have or had lived their lives. Like the most popular of seers Nostradamus. Who was he? How did he live his life? Did his life reflect his faith? Was he even a man of faith? You must apply these basic questions to everyone.
This can also be flawed as God or one of his accepted angels can and will use a very bad person one time to send or give you a very profound message one time. Does that mean you should accept that very bad person as a friend or brother and to do much for them? NO!!! It means you should listen to that message and then quickly depart from this rabid and ravenous animal. Then go to your quiet place to pray and meditate until you get it. Get it?
 Here is an old prophet who twists the truth of Christianity. There is truth in this persons prophecies. But, which is truth and which is from satan? How is Jesus supposed to come again? as a peace maker? Bear in mind that the interpretations of Jesus first coming was in error. Remember or do the research. Who and what were the Jewish Religious were looking for? and now for the second coming? 
3). A prophecy which may be a modern one which deceives everyone. Including Christians.
Added on 06 Dec 2015 @ 1905 PM.
The Islamic next step is to gauge the enemies reaction to the San Bernardino Attack.  You need to get this through your good natured thick skull. Your enemy is inside of the gates and you're not even aware that they want you to die. Remember Glencoe. 
This was an attack by the entire Muslim community. Upon the entire American civilian population. So what will happen now is Islamic men in their traditional Islamic clothing will venture out into public places and gauge the reaction of the entire civilian population. Then they will report the looks, the stares back to their Mosques. 
So what do you do now? How does those little purple words below affect the fact.
I believe that God raised up these Islamic people to destroy New JerUSAlem. Why? Because, the people have turned away from their Heavenly Father. The people have rejected their Heavenly Father and have begun to outlaw their Heavenly Father while at the same time giving rights and legal approval to obscene lifestyles. So the Heavenly Father as has done in the past as told in the Holy Bible will destroy his people by scattering them into the winds of dominion and slavery. 
You accept people in as guests and even make them apart of your family, giving forth unto them all of the generosities which can be afforded to give those people a lift up with a hand of brotherhood. Only you discover that they have come all the while knowing they will murder you, destroy your way of life and even if possible eliminate all history and memory of your existence. 
Added on 08 Dec 2015:
Added on 09 Dec 2015: Posted to a news story on Yahoo about Donald Trump and Islamic civil rights.
My comment.
This is not hate speech. Donald trump is wrong just as the rest of the main stream media news outlets. Islam wants you and I to die. Islam wants your way of life to be exterminated. Islam wants even the memory of your existence (History) to be destroyed. So how is it any western world civilian or politician want to consider civil rights to enemy combatants who only train for warfare? Did you read the news about how France found weapons of warfare in a Mosque. There is a terrorist training site 8 miles from El Paso, Texas (South). There are exclusive training camps all over the USA. There is an evolution of terrorist attacks. In which now Islam is using women and looking for escape routes while leaving weapons and ammunition caches in secret places. Do you know how difficult it is to obtain weapons in California or even France? Let alone weapons of warfare. Islam considers you their natural enemy. Their kind and soft words are lies and only keep you unaware and helpless. While they actively keep up their physical fitness in clubs and gyms. While they continue to take martial arts and quietly visit warfare training camps. To keep and maintain their mindset and physical skills to kill you more efficiently.
One thing which may not evolve in their war fighting attacks is their first targets will be those helpless civilians who considered them as caring friends. From absolute deception to complete destruction. is the primary goal. Because, all land and all water belongs to Allah.
Not included in above comment to Yahoo.
If I am right in which I hope I'm not. The complete stoppage of all Islamic people into any Western Nation will not be enough. The USA already have 3+ million enemy Islamic combatants as citizens. All they are waiting for is the order. Can you imagine a hundred thousand terrorist/warfare attacks within the USA alone. This is what I have coined the American Tet offensive.
Added on 14 Dec 2015:
Added on 16 Dec 2015:
Added on 20 Dec 2015:
Added on 24 Dec 2015: Attackers may have planned a similar attack in 2012.
Added on 26 Dec 2015:  (Frontline PBS)
Research term: Children training in Jihad.
Added on 30 Dec 2015: Ted Nugent and pig use. Not sure of the facts behind his claims.
Added on 31 Dec 2015: Islam Intentions as reported.
Added on 07 Jan 2016: news:
Added on 08 Jan 2016:  Philly Shooting of cop from ISIS: The attacker claims to have been called upon to do this attack.
Added on 11 Jan 2016:
Added on 17 Jan 2016: Interesting revelation.
Added on 30 April 2016:
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. You Tube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran versus with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them.
This work has been republished on:
Thank You guys for including this work in your newspaper.  
Added on 27 June 2016:
You have to be an acceptable Muslim who has done acceptable things in order to be buried in a traditional Muslim manor. ==============
 To avert all bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken, these purple words need to be those necessary outward and internalized expressions in everyone's life they live today.
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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