Monday, December 7, 2015

Green Marble Vision: 4 beauty Quotes: (Unedited); 07 Dec 2015:

Today, begins as any other day as I'm walking with two plastic blue pails filled with 180 F. water. Then suddenly I'm elsewhere. I immediately know I'm on a ship a very gigantic ship. This is all I know. I can still feel the weight of the pails of hot water. Even though I do not see them in my hands.  I'm walking along the inside perimeter on the Left hand side. I'm walking from the aft to the forward sections. The deck I'm on is huge and appears to be just an outer rib open to space. I'm alone. very tiny as the actual people of the ship must be greater than 50 feet tall. I did not see them. But, knew. I'm looking out into the distance and see an approaching large star. I focused upon it and the image of the star was a green planet. I remember thinking no data please and only wanted to view the natural beauty of this green marble as it went by in less than 5 seconds. Then I was back with my hot water.
Observed beauty: (Unedited): 07 Dec 2015:
The simply observed beauty of that which is beautiful can be ruined by data. 
Sanitize Beauty: (Unedited): 07 Dec 2015:
To much data can sanitize beauty.
Losing Beauty: (Unedited): 07 Dec 2015:
Losing the beauty in your world is only a change in your perception away.
Transcending Beauty: (Unedited): 07 Dec 2015:  
 Transcending the absolute logical perfection of a data dump within any singular thing. Illuminates the perfected beauty within your own understanding.
Thoughts during the quote writing.
I began thinking after this. That humanity is truly a created being. In which evolution began after creation. There has also been some De-Evolution as well.
Humanity needs structures. Humanity was placed here on Earth because of sin. Humanity does not have natural genetic protections to protect themselves from weather extremes which can be found in every corner of this planet. Humanity needs structures with certain environmental controls in order to be safe, stable, self sustaining and replicating. In order to physically go from one place to another humanity created mobile structures of evolving creations. 
I knew on the ship my thoughts and desires were directly linked to the ship and I knew that Everyone else was blocked from me. Most likely to much data and brain crash prevention. I knew I had to control every thought and desire. To be uncontrolled at any  point even when asleep. Would be very dangerous.
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