Monday, December 7, 2015

Spontaneous Gifts Emerge: (Unedited): 00 Dec 2015:

The merging of ones prayer and meditative life with their righteousness and holiness. Will emerge the spontaneous use of the spiritual gifts out of their humble meekness. Through their love and compassion shall the gifts be directed.
This can work both ways and other ways as well. Even the Holy Bible tells of unapproved Seers used by God. In which even the seer did not even respect God. Until the Donkey tried to save the seers life from an angel. But, even after direct evidence of holy angels. This seer convinced a king who disliked the Jews to cause the Jews to curse themselves. Go find it and read it for yourselves in the Bible. Old Testament.
Religion which is absent of righteousness and holiness is evil.
There are many many religions in this world with many many gods. Look at the evil which has been committed by men and women who represented a religion. Look at today. It seems every one wants you to be religious. Yet, that Jesus dude who has been almost entirely outlawed was at odds with the established religion of his day. Jesus Christ came to serve man and to serve himself up as the perfect sacrifice for atonement of all sins throughout all of time. Jesus came and taught all of humanity to love one another and that following the Ten Commandments was a way of loving your human brothers and sisters. When you want to follow the teachings of Christ Jesus. You willingly choose to obey the Ten Commandments by your own free choice. God does not force any one on this planet to obey any of His laws. You must choose to do so by your own free will. All without fear, intimidation or threats. This is the beginning of righteousness and holiness as God has intended for all of humanity. Not just for the select learned few. Who wear shiny clothes of gold with perfect hair. Not that I'm jealous of perfect hair as I do suffer from BHS (Bent Hair Syndrome).
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