Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scarred Bravery: Courage Face: (Unedited): 08 Dec 2015:

Bravery and courage are easily seen in those scarred individuals who continuously stand-up to face the uncertain unknowns in life. 
Courage Face: (Unedited): 08 Dec 2015: 
The face of courage shall always present itself differently to you in an unexpected way.
 How do you see bravery or courage in a person? Is he 6 foot 4? 200pounds of muscled good looks? Looks and appearances can be very deceiving.
What about the perfect failure in life. That person who just never gives up, who never quits?
What about the 5 foot no inches tall and 95 pound kid while wearing gear on the high school football team. This is a kid who faces monsters everyday. Can you say the same thing about yourself.
What about the severely handicapped who was born with the good brain but an absolutely mess of a body. Yet she goes to school every day with a squeaky rolling harness which keeps her mobile and yet she can do very little for herself.
I tell you there is bravery and courage everywhere. It is not what you expect it to be. Can you say that for yourself? To be so afflicted with extreme genetic defects that you would actually go out in public to earn for yourself the right to live. The right to life and the right to exist?
Are you brave enough to go out in public as a women with no breasts, urine bag, messed up pupils, old wheel chair which has to be plugged in at the Dollar General Market, no family who cares enough to include you and with only friends who are as disabled as you are. Guess what this woman is also their leader and unofficial aunt in authority. Without any real elections or genetic rights. She just is.
I saw this woman risking herself by taking care of her people with that old beat up and bad battery wheel chair. Plugging in to recharge almost every visit on Thanksgiving day. She is a big woman to. Not because she eats, but her kidneys suck. Dollar General Market management is awesome and understanding of their customers situations.
Well are you?
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