Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ill Perceived Hero: (Unedited): 08 April 2016:

The ill perceived hero who gives up on short term necessary efforts/works. Sacrifices their entire long term gains, life achievements, comforts and fun times.
I observed the so called bad kids in school. These bad kids are not necessarily bad as much as their minds and hearts have been misdirected. They stand Anxiously watching for the one who has been absent for some time. Probably, released from juvenile detention. On a small 600 rice rocket was he riding. I could feel them glowing in his celebration of new found freedom. Freedom from forced free education. Freedom from authority. Freedom from being told things they have no desire to know. They just want to be n the sun. To do as they will it. Without any interference from anyone. 
Yet, their desires are only for today and right now. They know not of tomorrow. Nor do they care for tomorrow. Does that make them bad? No, just misguided. Even their hero, they knew he was driving by because of their cell phones that someone else worked for and paid for. 
These boys who are already young men. Know not and are not even aware of the harsh realities of the world in which they are about to walk into. They will have to get a job and not a career. They won't even know the difference. They most likely won't even have a high school diploma. Let alone be able to get into college for advanced learning. So that those now very elusive and unseen career doors will never be opened for them. Not that they will ever be aware of their existence. 
None of these young men are even concerned with how there are few 30, 40 or even 50 year olds who are unable to do back breaking work. Or how they will always be just one accident away from never being able to work. All because some pin head came to work drunk, hung over, high or all of the above. But, they won't know that either as they just disappear and newer stronger back enters into the work/job force. 
Blindly they all look upon their teachers as the current enemies of their life. Never and not once knowing. That these educated persons are their real heroes. Never wanting to do their students harm and yet perceived to be causing harm by their students. This illogical reasoning is yet still valid and is something that teachers must fight daily. Especially, when they are deployed in low income schools with high failure rates exceeding 15%. As the realities of culture and social structure within the hood is so dominant. The life sustaining mentality of the hood must fight to cause everyone to know, believe and understand their is no escape from the hood life. Those teachers are of no benefit to you. You will always be a hoodlum. Lies and deceptions repeatedly told to them all from birth. It matters not which hood they are from. The lies and deceptions are all the same. Why try there is no escape. You will always be an undesired black, Latino or white trash.
The truth is. There is an escape. By achieving a spoken and written command of the dominate language. By obtaining a working command of advanced math principles. Those two things together will cause your brain to perform logical reasoning thinking processes. In which enslavement will be improbable for you. 
Why did I mention advanced math principles. Especially when many pinhead math teachers proclaim you will never use them in the real world. They are very wrong and just do not understand the importance of knowing advanced math principles.  In an indirect manor. You will use the math you have learned.
The advanced math principles is like that critical software needed for your computer. You don't know your using the software for your computer until it's not working correctly. This is similar to you. All of the math you learn is similar to a logical software upgrade for your brain. The better you can think logically. The more you will profit from it and the less you will be taken advantage of. Because, of the math you have learned. You can logically reason better. The better you can logically reason. The better you can maintain your freedom, your family, your life, your business, your employment. The better you can effectively vote on candidates at every level of office.
Why do you think math is no longer a critical component in education? The more math the general population knows. The less the leaders can take advantage of them with their lies and deceptions spoken as truths with a smile.
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