Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Empowered Escape: (Unedited): 13 Dec 2016:

Self empowerment is an escape out of helplessness and dependency. 
I was inspired to write this from viewing a 41 second video.
Source: https://youtu.be/JRFNmrc3z7w
Thank You very much for inspiring me to write.
I've been thinking on empowerment for a while now. Trying to be a good father and trying to figure out how to teach self empowerment to my children.
This is the way and belief of the modern society. Where ancient wisdom's are either of no value or are only for entertaining value.
The words used "Helplessness" and "Dependency" are meant to mean depressive states of being where non-doing is the way of doing.
It does matter and yet it doesn't matter. Where ever or however your origins have been made to manifest in this here and now. In this Country it doesn't really matter if your ancestors were slaves or survivors of genocide. If your ancestors lost wars or were the ones who one the wars in a very ugly and dishonorable manor. It doesn't matter if you have survived severe neglect, abuse or even torture in your youth. I even write this knowing for many my words will seem cold. They are also applied to me as I'm one of those who were abused and tortured. Adoptive mother even tried to kill me at least three times. Enduring Foster Care abuses. My own ancestors were enslaved by the Vikings for about 500+/- years. My own ancestors even survived the ugly clan wars of Scotland. There is a lot of ugliness in the history of Scotland. I really do not know any more about my own family history.
Personal Note: When I write something that tends to be harsh. I become a mirror to those words. Or at least do my best. So if you see redundant personal information. It is for those who do not know of my past.
Also, You need to know. I'm a very rare bird. Failed adoption and problems in foster care in two different states. They're are not a statistic which applies to me. Adoptions are important and foster care is important. Both saves lives and can be paths for those of becoming productive members of society. For me it just did not work. ...
Past Remains Present: (Unedited): 13 Dec 2016: 
Decide for yourself to cease being the victim of the past. The past cannot hold you unless it remains a part of your chosen present. 
Trucker wisdom:
What you do as a self empowered individual is all about what you do with your right foot. Are you gonna hold the brake pedal like a panicky Pete or are you gonna mash the gas and get yourself down the road?
Note: the word use of "Gas" is meant for the rookie, as an experienced trucker would question what flavor of diesel 1 or 2? Then argue with you until your brain goes numb.
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