Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christian Non-Acts: Thirst Slave: (Unedited): 29 Nov 2016:

The state of the nation and of the world is directly a reflection of the Non-Acts within the entire Christian bodies failure to know in a heart felt manor - The Acts. 

There are a billion plus professed Christians in the world. What do you think would happen if they all decided to actively love one another? Which means to cause no harm to any other soul. 
The same can be said about Islam. What would happen if the billion plus Islamic people all began to live in peace with everyone?
The other religions which worship and teach harmony? What would happen if they all began to live in actual harmony with all of creation?
The other religions which worship and teach the importance of life? What would happen if they all actually began to live and teach the importance of life?

The face of the entire world would be suddenly altered. The people is losing the world to corporations and to political thought. Or is it already have lost it all. Think about it. China is destroying the air. The USA is destroying the water and Japan is destroying the ocean or is that already have. It seems every nation is planning for wars on multiple war fronts against a variety of foes, friend-enemies.
Just as how God destroyed the rebellious fallen angels in a very short period of time. So to those very same rebellious fallen angels are working their plans in similar actions against all of humanity but not the same. Because, they do not have the ability to do the same plan as God alone had done against them all - alone. Think about that smarty pants when your archaeological discoveries of your new advanced toys which were not of any importance to the victor (God).  Some of those new toys will alter you and change you. You may think you know you will control them. But, it will be you who surrenders all self control without any awareness of such a thing ever happening to you.
Thirst Slave: (Unedited): 13 Dec 2016:
You shall become an unaware and unknowing slave to the thirst of your desires. 
The sweet and exciting quenching of your thirst will only feed your need for more. 
The difference between that which quenches your thirst  and which causes you to engorge yourself with more. Is as stated. The good waters of life, peace, harmony and love. Only requires but one taste to satiate your thirst. While the evil waters will need for you to drink and drink deeply with great desperation. Even to become permanently attached to the evil waters until you lose all self.
It seems most of humanity has forgotten self meaning and self purpose. The will of self, Self identity and self thought are the last vestiges of that which was once you but even the memory of what you once were. Shall to be gone as if it or you never was or were.
Note:  13 Dec 2016:
This turned into a tangent. That is what I get for writing this more than two weeks late.
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