Saturday, December 31, 2016

Woe Prophets Peace Mentors: (Unedited): 31 Dec 2016:

Woe and worry has become the world full of prophets. For all they will know is fear and hopeless suffering all the way to their dying days.
Joy and Peace has become the world full of mentors. For all they will know is inspiration, Meaning and purpose all the way into the Heavens.
It is popular today to be a prophet. Everyone seem to want to go forth and express their understanding of prophecy. (Even I do that). Prophecy seems to always be about the negative aspect of humanity. Repent or be destroyed. Yet, today we have prophecies everywhere. Even those things people call probabilities and possibilities. (Even I do that).
Prophecies seem to be aimed at those who have not been listening or have not been taking the correct moral or righteous actions. Yes, there are a few prophecies in which humanity is warned of some kind of impending calamity. In which those who are targeted for survival were to plan their escape or plan the mitigation of the certain coming calamity.
Today in our modern era. Self proclaimed prophets are everywhere. I'm not one of those. God does not speak directly to me and nor do I receive Emails from God either. I think that is the line between those who are prophets and those who are not. What is the point in a prophecy if there is no hope and only fear? Can a person actually become holy and righteous based on a foundation of fear and hopelessness? I have spoken with Christians in which they became Christians after a fearful lesson in prophecy and the rapture. Did they become Christian in order to save their own physical skins. Or was there something deeper? But, once you get deeper into the possibility that the rapture may not be real and I really hope the rapture happens before any real tribulations. More than a few have gotten upset and will just get mad at God or worse. So where is your faith based in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Righteousness and Holiness? Or is all of your belief stuck on John 3:15-20 and on the rapture.
There has to be something more than John 3:15-20 is just the starting point. You cannot just say John 3:16 because if it were entirely complete. Then satan, the demons and the fallen angels will also be saved. After all, do they not also believe in Jesus? Is your mind already closed up? From John 3:15-20 begins your righteous and holy walk with Jesus without fear or worry. It is satan and those who follow satan who need you to be always be in a state of hopeless fear. Your righteous and holy walk with Jesus is what separates you from satan and the fallen angels. satan and the fallen angels believe in and have faith in or actually know that their end is coming. satan and the fallen believe in God, The son and the Holy Ghost. Yet satan and the fallen angels continue to do evil without any repentance or a desire to repent from their wicked ways. Nor are they apologetic. So you see John 3:16 also applies to satan and yet we all know it doesn't. That difference is righteousness and holiness as only accepted by God only. So Christian make that decision to know longer be only religious and become righteous and holy as only accepted by your heavenly Father. Then when and if the rapture happens. It won't really matter will it? For eternity shall be your reward with a new body 
When you became a Christian even if your decision was based in fear. Jesus healed you from death and as Jesus healed those as written in the Holy Bible. Jesus spoke these loving commands to them. "Go and sin no more".
We should have a world full of mentors. Those who always speak words of hope. This world needs hope. From this hope will come a specific purpose and meaning for each of us to pursue in this life. The freedom to love one another. The freedom to live in peace with everyone else. The freedom to exist in harmony with all of creation. The freedom to cherish all life. The freedom to choose to be obedient to the laws of God.
Mentors have always been those forgotten to history men and women. Who said if you just work hard, be smart and never give up. You can achieve the desires of your heart. Where are the mentors of this world. Who express hope for everyone and not just for those of a particular sex, skin tone or region on this planet? or has God already silenced the mentors. Because He knows no one will listen or even follow through with what the truth of the mentors have to say. Did you read John 3:15-20 yet? What about John 3:21?
Can you imagine a whole planet of 7+billion human beings suddenly believing the truth of the Human Genome project and suddenly realizing that the men and women over there who have been their enemies for generations are actually their brothers and sisters. How can any professed good person desire to cause any harm to their own brother and sister? Even if they have been their enemies for generations.
Then this one simple truth which was once a perpetually taught deception. Changes the face of all of humanity to the point that each human being can justify their refusal to go to war against their own brothers and sisters. World peace begins in that moment. Because, who will fight for the selfish and greedy world leaders? Are they not the ones who profit the most and are protected the most from all harm. While the so called common everyday average human being fights and dies for all of them. All of humanity can freely look up into the heavens and realize our place can be up there. All we have to do is give up. Give up all of our hatreds, angers, sins, ego, pride, arrogance and other negative words. Then we all can go into the Heavens.
Hardened Hate: (Unedited): 31 Dec 2016:
The hardened heart listens not and scoffs at hated wisdom of the mentor.
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