Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Assured Apparent Powers: (Unedited): 03 Jan 2016:

When presented with immense apparent powers. The good within will offer all manor of assurances. While evil within will enjoy their supremacy over you and the sweet taste of your fears.
Any greater being who is obviously greater than any human, by billions and billions of years. If they being of Love, Peace, Harmony, Life and of those laws which perpetuate all of it. Then they will not desire to cause any being any manor of distress.  No matter if they are less than worms or maggots.
While the greater evil. Will thirst with your propensity to experience a variety of fears. The evil will use all of your fears that they create with you in order to establish total authority over you and everyone else. 
So if you feel fear when an obvious superior being presents them self to you in any manor. Then that being and those who it represents are most likely evil. It will not matter how you perceive these angels or how you identify them in any modern day understanding or by any modern day definition.
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