Thursday, February 2, 2017

Entire Monster: (unedited): 29 Jan 2017:

The monster you think your harming is nothing more than it's little toe. That you think is the entire monster.
Monster Feed: (Unedited): 30 Jan 2017:
The monster you feed does not become the pet you control or have authority over. 
 The war in which your engaged in. Shows not the clear picture as no matter what you do. You unknowingly feed the monster as you attack it's little toe. You celebrate every success and yet the monster isn't even aware of your efforts.
Even a single ant makes any monster react. While all of your collective efforts is nothing to the same monster which was once concerned over one ant.
Your only hope is to keep the monster smiling by feeding it more and more. In which you unknowingly do as you are not even aware of the full size of the monster.
The more you feed the monster the more the monster wants. As you become fed up. You forget to realize that everything in your life is directly related to feeding the monster.
Added on 02 Feb 2017: 
Everything you and I do in the worlds financial system feeds the monster. All of your retirement, wealth building strategies, entertainment, Internet and energy usage. All of the stores, banks and insurance companies. Each is just a part of the monster that we all feed. Even now the political system is apparently part of that monster as it evolves into a corporate oligarchy. From an attempted special interest oligarchy.  Which the corporate oligarchy can easily be seen in North Dakota. So to only go after banking is like attacking the little toe.  Can you see the monster that you feed now?All you have to look to is the First President of a corporate oligarchy of America. President Donald Trump. Or is that to extreme to say? It probably is.
One of the coming signs that the USA is a Corporate Oligarchy is missing people. Through massacre or disappearance. Can and will any oligarchy murder any peoples that it deems as undesirable, to expensive, to troublesome? YES.
Research oligarchs, oligarchy's, murders, atrocities.
So what can happen when one oligarchy loses to another form of oligarchy? The beginning of an out of control war or wars or civil wars as individually defined by each combatant group?
Is this the future of the USA? The special interest oligarchs have lost and they wage protests everywhere. Will they ramp it up to violence? maybe? Will groups within the group splinter off into their own specific war efforts? Maybe?
No matter how it happens. The event which may begin it all may very well be at Standing Rock, North Dakota. How do you avert a coming planned and instigated massacre by government and corporate forces? Only the purple words below will help you over come.
To ween yourself from the support of the monster. You must begin to separate yourself from every aspect of that monster. Micro economies and self sufficiency is a good start. With a eye on causing no harm. Learning how to trade for goods of genuine value. Creating communities which are self sustaining with people who become mutually dependent upon one another. One based in truths. While inwardly and outwardly rejecting the lies of the world. Such as the division of the human races.
How do you own property and reside upon it? When the monster owns everything. Even the indigenous tribes of the Americas have no rights to anything anymore. They have no civil rights, no human rights and no justice. If the tribes stand up. They will be purposefully poisoned by the EPA (The Colorado Gold mine contaminated water release). The ongoing event at Standing Rock North Dakota. In which virtually no news from any mainstream news source. The stories just go on and none of those atrocities are covered. 
(Did you get that? Ween yourself...? Makes you wonder who is feeding who and who or what is in control over you? Teaching you and adjusting/altering your belief systems away from that which is genuinely true and real. To how and what the monster wants you to think and believe. We all were indigenous at one time, drinking clean water, and eating only organic foods.)
Added on 03 Feb 2017:
 Who owns who and what? Lets play this game. Warning the realization will cause you to see the real monster and how pervasive it is in all aspects of modern day life.
First start with topics. Like News media outlets. Who owns them? Then for each of the owners go and find who owns them? and so on and so forth. keep a running list or graph it out.
Then do this with Banks. Energy. Entertainment and anything else you can imagine. Then go look at your investments and retirement accounts. Who owns those and who are you investing in?
You will begin to see common names of ....................................... as the common denominators.  Then read all of the above content again.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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