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Israel Navy Expands: Prophecy: 27 July 2012

New updates at the bottom of this writing and dated.
Israel must expand its naval force. In order to meet the conditions of Bible Prophecy. When Israel has enough surface ships as well as submarines to have an offensive, defensive as well as an ability  to assert control over the Mediterranean sea, Red sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman and the Arabian sea. The time will be close. (Maybe, after a dozen or so years after the final demise of the USA).
A possibility will be as the USA downsizes its own military forces in the near future. Israel may purchase these ships and other retired navy ships. Israel with an Aircraft carrier or five. Israel with a variety of other naval surface and submarines.
Then with Israels natural ability to update and advance the capabilities of everything they get. They would soon be a real dominant force in the entire region. Which they already are. It is not enough. Everyone in the region wants them dead. There is no other option for them. There is no surrender or even relocation for the Jewish people.
Israeli patience will end. The Bible says so. Then Israel takes their lands back and keeps it.

Israel Must have the ability to destroy the navies, air forces and missile delivery systems of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Jordan. In no more than a few days. One day ideal. All at the same time. Then Israel can eliminate artillery and armor of them all in a few more days. Again, all at the same time. Right now, I'm not sure if Saudi Arabia is a threat/enemy or will soon become one. If so, Saudi Arabia will also be neutralized, completely. Israel will need to have in place a defensive picket to cover themselves from Cyprus and Turkey. Turkey may allow the Russian Air forces to fly through and use their airfields. In attacks against Israel. Turkey will also be bombed by Israel. Though mainly strategic and leadership targets.
Added on 18 May 2017: 
Turkey is and has made news especially with their new found interest in Russian military technology. 
I do not believe that Turkey was every a genuine NATO member by their own perspective. Go and research this yourself. Thus, when Turkey becomes a military friend to Russia and China. The NATO club will end and the Russian and China club will begin. Especially when the Chinese new silk road goes through the entire country of Turkey. Then any Chinese military assets will have very fast access into the Middle East or Israel. Thus becoming a direct military threat to European/American/NATO military bases with alleged 0-100+ nuclear bombs on hand at any time.  
In this time when Israel patience has ended. There will be no mercy, No compassion. Everyone who is deemed an enemy of Israel will be targeted. If there is any military asset close to a hospital, mosque or school. It will all be destroyed, No matter who is inside. All will die. No matter if they are innocent or not. The united nations will only be able to get there people out of harms way. The united nations personnel will be caught in the cross fire and many will die. The united nations will be ignored by Israel. The United nations will speak out against Israel. The United nations will vote against Israel. The united nations can and will do nothing against Israel. Thus, is the truth of the United Nations.

All of this should occur in a time when the USA no longer exists or no longer has the ability to project its power and will anywhere beyond its borders. Maybe, even within its own borders. Cash strapped USA will sell, sell, sell.
Since the great Satan (USA, New Israel, New Jerusalem) can no longer protect little Satan (Israel). Israel will be attacked.   The Islamic nations of the regions. Will declare finally we can be rid ourselves of Israel. Let us destroy Israel together. They will fail. They will die. They will lose.
Israel will not stop with standard military battles. All of those related to any ruling family member or military leader will die. No matter what country they reside or hide in. All Islamic brain trust related or not. will also die. It matters not where they are and in which ever country who protects them. 

The capturing or retaking of the new lands. Israel begins to profit greatly. A new Jewish baby boom begins and is prolonged.

These are the reasons why the world comes against Israel. They go to far in the eyes of the worlds media. No one understands. That Israel will no longer be victimized ever again.

Russian naval ships will be defeated as they come from the Black sea, through Gibraltar. The fleet in the Arabian sea will have success against Israel. China's, North Korean Navy will bolster the Russian navy. The combined navies will position themselves and wait for the land convergence upon Israel. (Who will have a new generation of  battleship and submarines?)

Then something big happens. Israel will be protected. All military forces and personnel will be lost. All will be lost. It wont matter if they are in reserve or second reserves or what ever. I don't think the protection of Israel is the intended purpose. Even though that is what happens. I think its far to spooky for my mind to understand and ownership changes. Whatever that really means. (This I think is the moment as described in Bible and Islamic prophecy).

The order in which I've written is probably inaccurate. Some events may happen at or near the same time. It is my belief that any negative prophecy can be averted before the event(s) occurs. Especially when it is man created. Also, a negative prophecy which is natural in creation. Can be mitigated, altered or prevented in accordance to human technological development and will.
The completion of the Human Genome Project. Which proves that we are a single race of human beings on this planet. Racism in any form is an illogical falsehood. 99.9% of all human DNA is identical. The Human Genome Project was completed 11+ years ago. Human DNA finger printing was discovered around 1984. When all of the common people of the world begin to believe this fact. Racism in any form can never be used by any world, Religious, cultural or national leader to make war. Racism is an illusion and is not real. Racism is a lie and deception used by any leader for their own selfish reasons. The revelation of a singular human race must be taught to everyone. If we common human beings do not learn this one simple fact. Then we will become extinct or reset. All of the worlds prophets will become absolutely correct in their prophecies. I believe all of the dire end of time prophecies are the fault of man. If it is all the fault of man. Then we can alter the conclusion of our predicted extinction. It is our fault we become extinct and not the will of GOD,  GRANDFATHER, UNIVERSAL SPIRIT or however you name the ONE. The whole of the human race has become insane and seems to be bent on killing itself.
I believe that when everyone on this planet begins to know that we are all just one race of humans. This one concept will be the beginning of a new human future. A human future with great possibilities and wonderful destinies. Our fate by our own hands does not have to end in death and destruction.
From the belief that we are a singular race, comes the belief that we are a singular family, Comes the brotherhood and sisterhood of man. To Love one another will make sense and be possible. Living in peace with all of our minor differences will become probable. Living in harmony by universal agreement will become a real decision to be made and can be made. The result will be life for all. Equal life for all.
All of this can be prevented. Since all of the events are caused and created by MAN. The enemies of Israel must not attack and wage war. Israel must show restraint when and if they are attacked.
Russian and Chinese forces do not invade in any capacity against Israel. Then maybe we all can not become extinct. A short time afterwards. This is what it all leads up to. Human extinction by our own insane human hands. The USA is gone either way. Maybe the USA is already gone.  
I've had two visions. One of a new battleship and one of a new submarine. Who builds them? China? Israel? Russia? USA? probably not Israel. They seem to be a buyer. Maybe Israel has the USA ship yards build them. I'm guessing.  This would be highly classified and I'm not revealing any more info on this. (But, I have).
  10 Aug 2012: (Highly Speculative Assumption) The Israeli natural gas platforms will be online in 2013?. This new energy/financial resource may be enough for Israel to make deals with the USA over its retirement of 3-4 Aircraft carriers  in the next 10 years. Coupled with ongoing training prior to the handover. This would be a good deal financially and strategically for both countries. The USA would no longer have to run to the rescue every time to save Israel. The USA could have a supporting role. Since, Aircraft carriers are within a battle group for over all protection. This may be a multi-ship deal. Which today would be classified if my speculation is highly accurate. This is not a vision and is only my assumption. Which historically is very inaccurate.
10 Aug 2012: I do not think the current gas fields is going to be Israels big money. I think this may be the one before the bigger one.
:USS Enterprise (CVN 65):
The Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is retiring. Israel, Needs to really negotiate for the purchasing of this old ship. Probably after, it has been stripped. Then Israel can add only their new stuff. Israel needs to prove that the USA will make or save money overall and that President Obama will look good. By aggressively downplaying the use of an antiquated ship would suit them for the purpose of buying this ship. Israel can negotiate for the purchase of other supporting ships. In one large package deal. Which would cause President Obama to look like the clean president and the money making president. Israel Needs this ship. Even if it is in their own ship yard for 5 years for re-fit. 
I see physical changes in the physical exterior of the sides of the ship. Uncertain. Possibly defense related.
The USA selling off it's naval ships to Israel. Including the old heavily armored WW2 ships like the Battleships. In the short term the dis-satisfied response of the American people will be short lived as the Heroes of WW2 are dying off and no one I don't think Americans are really interested in American History.  The long term response would become positive for the political leaders as they can easily prove monies saved over the long term.
The China Buffer for the USA will be Israel, Japan and Korea. Japan and Korea will be the front lines of defense. While Israel will be the secondary threat responder in the Middle east. Especially for the strategic threat of the Russian new naval weapons systems. Israel needs to become capable enough to guard the entire blue water region. Israel will need at least two Aircraft carrier battle groups. Comparable to a USA naval Battle group. To be follow up with four naval strike groups. One to two additional Aircraft carrier battle groups to exert Israeli will in the entire region.
Since the state of Israel can be destroyed by a single Nuclear bomb. A second piece of land needs to be acquired for their population. Where? I have no clue. Probably a coastal region of the USA. Since the USA is open for sale by anyone. Maybe Coastal Texas, between Corpus Christi and Galveston  TX. The entire area of the Wildlife protected area. By agreements with the USA. This entire area can be built up for the Israeli people. Dredging for deep water access to Victoria. The development of military manufacturing capabilities. Then expand into general housing and etc. A peaceful existence for the Jewish people. A forty year development will ease tensions in the Middle east and delay potential military threats against Israel. When the truth is the Jewish people are not leaving only expanding. Which makes the Jewish planned extinction less probable or possible. 
The development of a Israeli Naval and Air-Force Base. Will also enable the adapting of the old US Naval Ships with new technologies. A new generation super Ship building facility may also be the place for the creation of the new super ultra modern battleships. The Blue fleet destroyers.
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:New Generation Helicopters:
 There may be more updates to this. 27 July 2012: 29 July 2012: 31 July 2012: 09 Aug 2012: 10 Aug 2012:
Added on 16 April 2013: 
Other Aircraft carriers which could be sold to Israel or even Japan. Maybe even South Korea.  A sale to Japan or South Korea would cause China and North Korea some grief.

2 aircraft carriers sold to Israel. 2 Aircraft carriers sold to Japan. Best strategic option for the USA.
Added on 16 April 2013: Russian and American Navy news.
Added on 31 May 2015: Turkey Military news: old news from 2013: Just new to me.
How is this news? if it is old? Simple the conflicting interpretations of  of Christian Bible prophecy. Where Russia or Turkey or both attacks Israel. Turkey is modifying a ship with a flat top. Most likely to be used for F-35 planes to be received by the USA. The time frame shall be 2021-2033. Which just happens to coincide with Russia and China's military modernization and buildups. 
Israel needs to re-think their Naval strategy. Especially since Spain is helping Turkey.
The US retired Naval ships should be obtained and re-engineered for Israeli use. Time is running out. Israel needs 3-5 Air-Craft carriers in service by 2020. With an air compliment of  270-450 FA18's. I do not think the F35 will be ready. The F35 is supposed to be very difficult to maintain. The tried and true of the F-18's. Then if the F-35's ever become operational with a working variety of armaments. Then scale back the F-18's.
Israel, One aircraft carrier can wipe out an entire Naval fleet which does not have any real air support. The aircraft battle group is something where each ship protects one another. Without an aircraft carrier. You introduce a huge Naval weakness into your Navy. One which can be sunk in a matter of hours. Without an Aircraft carrier all of your naval warships must stay within the operational range of your land based air force. The enemies in which you shall face can park their aircraft carrier battle groups just outside of the operational ranges of your land based planes. Thus, effectively containing your military. This shall be your enemies Southern shield and your Northern Blockade. In which they can launch an attack at will. How will you re-arm yourselves then? How will you rearm yourselves when the USA is gone?
Israel weapons purchases:
Added on 17 Sept 2015: Israel: Israel: Israel:
Russia is in Syria and they are landing Armour and Air defense. Some of those Russian boys look really tough and not your average young person with minimal training and who has to be there.
Israel. Your time is getting short. Soon you will have war with everyone. You will have war with Russia and China to degrees. You must act now in your military build up and training. Israel, You must be more proactive. Right now. I can say "right now" as I do not have to plan all of the things you need to plan. You do have to take action very very soon. If not. All of Israel shall be destroyed and the only Jewish population will be in North America. North America will not be your safe harbor either. As you will also be hunted there as well. Once your Jewish blood lines are completely extinct in the whole Middle east. So to all Catholic and Christians in the Middle east shall also be extinct. Then Europe will burn. All of Europe including the Vatican. All Catholics and all Christians shall be killed. So to every unbeliever. Absolute racism will prevail within Islam. Then they will turn their attentions upon Russia and China.
Why have I not mentioned the USA. They are no longer present in the future of the soon extinct humanity within the whole of the world.
This is my own prophetic crazy train. Oh Israel: The leaders of the world have already begun there war march. Mr. Putin seems to be acting hastily. Mr. Xi Jinping seems to be doing what he is doing patiently. While expanding his military capabilities. North Korea's young godlike dictator. Will want to be exuberant in his own creation of his own defined greatness. He will have no problem with being the pawn of China. So as long as he can destroy the USA. Iran will also take part in destroying the USA from within. The American Tet offensive will happen.
I do not think you have 5 years Israel. But, if Mr. Putin is patient and can stabilize Syria and then rebound back into Russia. Then Israel has more time. The outside time line is 2025-2045. The military's of both Russia and China will be modernized and most likely advanced in the areas of reliability. North Korea and their full scale run of their nuclear reactor will produce weapons grade fuel for themselves and for Iran.
My crazy train rant may be out of order in some things. You Israel will still need to read my other writings to get a clearer picture. Israel to survive. You must return to the Laws of Moses. All of you by your own free choice and free will. Because it is the righteous and godly thing to do based from your own reasoned intellect.  Pray, meditate and contemplate upon the God of your ancestors. Then maybe?
Who coined crazy train? I know it's not mine. I have never used that phrase before. OK that is just weird. I don't even listen to Ozzy Osborne or event that type of music. Well, guess what? it is related to this. Read the lyrics. I do remember the song from my youth. I didn't know the lyrics then. This is weird. The leaders of the world are on the crazy train. It is certain. The only way off is derailment in which many still die or many countries cease to exist. I think the fate of the USA is mostly certain. They(Americans) will be gone and me. Can you survive in a world without an America? Crazy.
Added on 24 Sept 2015:
The balance of military power is shifting. Egypt has found a new energy source greater than Israel Leviathan. With these new planned profits. They are already modernizing and expanding their military capabilities. The purchase of new naval warships.
From the appearance of the Israeli navy. It looks like Israel has expanded minimally. Israel is set to lose control over any disputed access to the water. Israel in the future will succumb to blockades.
Added on 16 July 2016: Turkey News.
The coup in Turkey has failed. I have no idea who the good guys were and the bad guys were. I think the president was the bad guy and will transition his government into an Islamic Sharia religious dictatorship. In which they will seize what NATO Nuclear warheads are present and hide them. Now does what I wrote above begin to make reasonable sense last year and 4 years ago? If not just wait a few months. No one is talking about the NATO Nukes on the American Air Base in southern Turkey. No one is talking about how European Nations did not come to the aid of the Turkish Government. All access has been denied and all power was cut. Wanna get some free nukes? prophetically this is a sign. Not a good sign either. It means humanity just got closer to extinction.
This is going to be very bad for Israel. Israel as of right now needs to expand their Navy a lot more than they have envisioned. Read the above.
Maybe, with a Trump presidency he will sell off many retired aircraft carriers and a lot of destroyers to Israel. Maybe, even some old submarines.
Added on 27 April 2017: In response to the story: I was rejected for security reasons. Go figure.
The problem with Air Craft Carrier usefulness and effectiveness is the lack of evolution within the ship. Sure technological advancements have outpaced the evolution of the Air Craft Carrier. The merging of thinking processes from one kind of ship to another kind of ship must be forward into new capabilities. The US Navy seems to have advanced some evolution by adding some meager defensive capabilities. From the non classified civilian side of this janitor. That is all that it appears to be.
The new Ford Class Air Craft Carrier from the USA is a beautiful ship. But, I also see it as an end of the line ship. Just as the Battleship could not defend itself against the new air threats effectively. They became museum relics. Will this be the outcome of the Air Craft Carrier if any unfortunate hot war broke out and those new hyper velocity missile systems were able to outpace the current mechanics of CIWS and other short/medium ranged missiles designed for last chance self defense. Or some wannabe super power was able to launch a ballistic missile/rocket which came straight down from the heavens to send an Air Craft Carrier to the bottom of some darkened and cold sea floor.
I see this as hand to hand combat. If you fight a person who always leads with a right hook. What are you gonna do? That is an Air Craft carrier of today. It's a right hook that everyone knows is coming from the right. Just as Rhonda Rousey and other MMA champions had not evolved their fighting skills. They were eventually defeated by a soul who worked on a strength which over matched their forgotten weaknesses/holes. Rhonda Rousey losses were brutal and fast.
Does that mean the USA should stop building the Ford Class? No Sir, A right hook is still very effective. But when combined with jabs and grabs or straight kicks or leg sweeps. Then comes the knee to the noggin. So what I'm saying is. The offensive and defensive capability of an expensive ship needs to evolve. Even if a new designation is created. Such as Air Craft Carrier Missile Battleship. That is greater than 600 meters long.
Israel should consider purchasing at least 3-5 retired US aircraft carriers as well as what ever is left of their old destroyers.
Thank You sir, Awesome story. I had to read it many times.
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