Thursday, August 16, 2012

Historical Experience: (Unedited): 16 Aug 2012:

When the logic of your historical experience is contrary to your current existence. There was and still is GOD. C.J.MacKechnie
This is for all of you who have endured great abuse and torture in your life. For all of you who have escaped certain death and destruction more than once. It matters not if you are still completely angry with GOD or have even rejected HIS existence. If there is no logical explanation as to why and how you could have survived. But you did. It was GOD who skewed the incredible odds against you into your favor. You have escaped doom. You have escaped more times than should have been possible. Yet, here you are. So, What do you do now? Do you continue on your apathetic path in your current state of merely existing? Do you continue to hate and be angry while causing innocent souls to have a taste of what victimization that you have had to continuously endure?  All without mercy and compassion for you. There were no humans who came to your rescue. The good people who discover your nature outright rejects you. So, What do you do now? The apathy, hate and anger will kill you from the inside. The victim that you are or were is still within you and your nightmares. Will you allow fear and distrust guide your existence?
GOD saved you. There is a reason for him allowing you to live. Pray and meditate to GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER with all of your hate and anger. Discover for yourself the truth of your own reality as well as HIS reasons and purposes for you. If you want answers to your questions. That is the only way to get your answers. No one can speak for GOD but GOD himself. Just be watchful for the message of an answer to be presented to you.
You may discover that you were just worth it. You have value. That HE cared for you. That you have a message to tell. So, that others can learn and evolve. Not everyone can walk through hell and survive. Not everyone can stay and remain in hell and yet retain their identity. Not everyone can live in hell, escape and return again. Have you done that? Can you do that?
Jesus Christ broke the gates of hell and yet souls remain. Can you see or are you still blind? Can you hear my message or are the sound of these photons deafening?
You are Beautiful.
You are Treasured.
You are Sacred.
You are HIS.
Love, Peace, Harmony, joy, Freedom and Life can still be yours to have. It is His gift and desire for you.
This was written by a person who was once not worth a dime. Someone who was too dumb, to stupid to be worth educations time. Someone who was told that he should have never been adopted. And etc.
Will be included in future volumes of "Musings of an American Truck Driver"