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Huricane Isaac meaning and prophecy: 28 Aug 2012:

This will be an ongoing write. Updated after prayers and meditations. How will these puzzle pieces fit together? If it is actually a picture or message from GOD.
The sevens are important. 2019 next New Orleans, Louisiana event. Which will be the third. The third is terrible.
Hurricane Issac will be the second warning for the New Orleans, Louisiana area.
Hurricane Issac will be a message and a warning to the USA and maybe the presidential elections coming up.  Prelude to the 2015 next USA terrible third event.
Those who are more Bible savvy than I will see the direction of this. 
Isaac is the father land. Trials and tribulations. Government. Politics.
The fatherland is the government. The USA government has become corrupt and godless.
Isaac wife Rebecca.  The mother land. Taking instead of waiting. Wives.
Issac son 1 Esau. is President Obama or Romney.
Issac son 2 Jacob. is President Obama or Romney.
Ive written before about Romney. Romney may be the only of the two candidates. Which may heed the urgings of GOD to repent and flee from sin. If Romney repents and flees from the politics and evil corporate/business practices. Then maybe he will become the leader who leads Americans back to their former godly ways. It will not be easy or smooth. American ?never? become a world power again. If Romney can see that you cannot separate politics, personal life and  business from your faith. Then maybe, he can be a leader instead of an administrator.
If not Romney will be the administrator which finalizes the sale and end of the USA. After all that is what he does best. Romney the great sell out.  Romney will profit greatly from the sale. Maybe, even a minimized and unimportant USA. The reason why Romney does not profit as well as Obama would. He spreads and shares the wealth with those who work with him. Those who work with him and are friends with him. Will not be the common people of the former USA. It will all be a secret. The delusion of Romney is by sharing the wealth with those whom he believes he is trying to save from the collapse to come. He will believe he is doing a great good. In the eyes of GOD. It will not be. It will only be a weak justification of the evil Romney perpetuates. The media will lie and deceive as directed by the Romney administration.
An administrator is not a leader or a manager. An administrator must be directed by a leader or a group of leaders like the UN.
All of the bad and sad that has been prophetically written and spoken. Still happens to varying degrees of accuracy. The accuracy is solely dependent on human decision which has not been made yet.  Just because Ive written bad and sad in regards to Obama. Does not mean they do not happen with President Romney. They all still do with variances.
President Obama. If Obama wins the second term. He has the pay to play mentality in politics and in all things in life.  He is poised to become one of the wealthiest men in the world. In just 7 years. It will all be a secret. Just as the worlds politicians, leaders and dictators amass great wealth in secret. So to does the American politicians. The media will not reveal any truth which goes against the Obama administration.  The USA comes to an absolute and hard ending. There is no repentance, no change of heart and no altering of his intellectual plan with Obama. ( But, people can surprise you), (Not likely with Obama, but possible).  Absolute enslavement of the American people. All of the prophecies of doom and gloom manifest. In one day President Obama sells off all of the American military assets for his own profit. An order is given to port all naval warships  at selected sites around the world. Some military personnel will defect with their ships, planes and weapons. They will be hunted and killed. By the worlds military's. The former American military will be deadly early on. But with zero ability to re-supply. There will be no mercy and no chance when they are finally destroyed or killed.
For those of you who are foreign nationals. Do not become Americans or even do the paperwork. Buy Real estate within the USA. Research legal protections with the UN laws. Be mindful of the future maps of the USA. Some or all maybe partially or completely accurate. Which will be dependent on future human decision. (Such as China)
Russian Government needs to convince China to diplomatically cause the surrender of secret bases of the USA. Especially, the one with the doomsday weapon. There cannot even be any kind of severe weapons usage within a few hundred miles of the secret base. A *vibration sensor* is defective.  If not then lake south west begins and then we all of humanity becomes extinct ( Over a period of a few generations). Even you guys with your own underground bases. You wont be safe in your underground coffins. The only safe place is off planet and that is not safe by known technological standards. Doomsday weapon blog created 04 Sept 2012.
The Republican party as a whole is supposed to represent the belief systems of the religious conservatives. This I  believe is just a lie and deception perpetuated by the entire republican party to simply garner support. Ive spent 2 days at the Republican national convention (RNC). It appears that the accepted prostitutes have  passes to gain entry to the daily events. As of last night it was reported to me that there have only been a total of 8 arrests. What the arrests were for, I have no idea. Were the women who I believe to be prostitutes actually prostitutes? I did not ask them. It does seem there were two different kind of dressed women walking out of the events. Those who were professionally and nicely dressed. Then those women who were scantily clad or not modestly dressed. These scantily clad women also had male escorts or security (not as nicely or professionally dressed as the accepted males/men of the RNC) who did not have or wore their passes if they had any. When those persons who plan and are invited by the RNC and the republican party invite and protect prostitutes. This is not represented in any way a support for any religion, moral living and family unit. This is an aspect for the demise of the USA.
In September 2012 the Democratic national Convention will take place. The successful practices of the Tampa, Fl.  RNC will used.
It is my opinion that neither the Republican or Democratic parties represent any person or family of faith. This includes all faiths which has an established importance for morality, Traditional defined family status and honorable living. In order for the USA to survive and not be punished any more. The people must change the entire political system of the USA. By voting in actual persons who have a history of being faithful to GOD. The people of the USA must Repent, Repent, Repent.  It is not to late now. It will be to late when it is to late as determined by GOD. The wholeness of repenting must involve fleeing from sin by all aspects of your whole being. Your whole being is physically, mentally (Logic and emotion), your heart and your spirit. All of the aspects of you must repent. Fleeing from sin must be done in private as is easily seen in the public eye. You must flee from sin in your professional life and political life. Each and every single human being in the USA and the world must repent. If not extinction of the whole human race. Save for the elect or the remnant. Ask yourself this, How much is in a remnant? Noah and his family was a remnant of the human race.  That's 8 people out of how many? As was in the time of Noah so it will be in the time of our ending. Genetic manipulation is happening now. Which was a part of Noah's time. All that is left is the angels or space aliens or however you wish to call them. When the angels renew contact with all of humanity. The time is close maybe less than 48 years, maybe just over 2 years or somewhere in between. Maybe tomorrow or when you die from this physical life you have now.
If all of the Americans repent. All of the bad and prophecies ever spoken or written about the demise of the USA will become false. The HOLY TEXTS as inspired by GOD. I believe are living documents. Which means as we change events, as we evolve and alter our own future for the better. Where we all begin to live with love, peace, harmony and life. The LIVING HOLY TEXTS also changes. These texts changes so perfectly that we will never be aware of their changing. All of the contents of the HOLY TEXTS must always remain true. Which includes all prophecies contained within.
NEW: The *vibration sensor* can determine the difference between an earthquake, a vibration from a nuclear detonation as felt through the planet and other natural shaking. It is designed to initiate a self destruct upon a direct hit via a nuclear bomb strike. This aspect is a math or programming error as well as an actual sensor error. Which sends out a direct strike data for any nuclear strike within a few hundred miles (Not intended purpose or design. Within a ?mile?).  May not be actually a few hundred miles. Maybe less.
 It is like an old fuel gauge. Sometimes they always shows full or empty when the truth is half. In other words the accuracy is off at the initial, then becomes accurate after a certain amount of fuel use. This is the best i can explain.
The mechanical error in the vibration sensor is small and then coupled with the math error in the programming. The error is magnified. The errors is in product production and software writing.
This is directly related to other prophetic blogs written. 
Brief History of Isaac on YouTube Videos: www.jewishhistory.org
On the Bible Code or the Torah Code. I have zero experience in them. It is up to you to ascertain the accurate messages as deciphered by man. 
Bible Code
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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