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  • Empath Radio..by John macKechnie

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    this document has been copied and pasted from a few discussions on empathy from John MacKechnie...
    An empath at their most basic level is like a radio receiver that is always on and receiving every frequency..It is important for the empath to both develop the skills and the tools necessary. To achieve mastery of this very cool gift from GOD. Most people teach skill development. While lacking in the tool development. Which without the tools can lead to severe mental illness and the consideration that the gift is more of a curse. Here is your first lesson in tool development. Know that every time you brain learns something new. You know it forever. When you attach a positive or negative emotion to that new thing. It is very difficult to change a negative emotion into a positive. Unless, the new thing learned becomes really really cool and fun. So, lesson 1.1 should be considered fun. Because you are going to create and learn new parts of your brain. Isn't this fun already? Nope it ain't. But what. Gotta learn brain facts. And that's all I'm teaching about brains. The rest is related to your own directional path.
    lesson 1.1. Your a radio receiver which is born on and receiving all frequencies at all times. Know this. You are similar to radio receivers but not exactly. Similar to but not exactly to. Your legs can take you places. But, so can a train, car, boat and plane. What does this mean? The more you learn about the dials, knobs and switches on a radio, shortwave receiver and even a ham radio. The more you can develop those very same knobs, dials and switches within your own brain. Except they will be automatic and not manual. Cool. The first of the switches are the power switch. The empath power switch is important because. You choose when to turn it on and turn it off. The volume knob as people can be loud. Such as a sporting event or even a shopping mall. You get it? There are many, many other kinds of knobs, dials and switches. You do need to learn definitions of electronics as related to communications. So as to create a solid understanding within your own wonderful brain.The tuner dial. Allows you to listen in on rosepetals feelings and thoughts at any time. Really Cool. Just like the excitement when you dial in a certain frequency and eves drop on a conversation between two people, truckers, airplanes, businesses and etc. They will never know your listening. Because, radio receivers are absolutely passive. Just like being an empath. I know some of you enjoy a good conversation. Especially when not invited. LOL.
    self protection aspect. Now that everyone is tuned into Rosepetals thoughts and emotions. Rosepetal has been secretly been learning about radio transmitters "ham radio transceivers". Now she can simply turn both the receiver and transmitters parts of her brain off and completely disappear. This is a self defense mechanism you can develop within your brain But. Maybe that will be a lesson for next time. Even though i've already pointed to the next step. Which is all learn and develop as you go.
    An empath is like a drop of water in an ocean. It is easy to lose your identity of self. It is easy to acquire other traits from other drops of water. Depending on your proximity to them and your own emotional attachment to them. Your neighbor water drops can have an emotional effect upon you. Before, the diagnosis of depression from a professional medical person. Is there a source of trauma? Did bad and sad things happen to you? Need to discover the source or sources of your depression. Need to discover the beginnings of your depression.
    An empath who knows not they are an empath will believe that all they feel is theirs and theirs alone. Then as time goes on. The mind will logically become what it feels. Thus the empath becomes unknowingly cursed. The curse and become the wonderful gift as was originally intended. Would you get into the cockpit of an advanced military fighter jet? Without any training what so ever. Would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane with some sort of bag of fabric strapped to your body? That you have never seen before. Just as your an empath so it is with flying a jet airplane or jumping out of an airplane. It is all going to happen. That is the essence of the gift or curse of being an empath. Which is better a gift or a curse? The primary difference between a gift and a curse. Is knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The development of the needed skills, controls and disciplines. Even if you have only experienced the curse of empathy. You can still turn it all around.
    A natural empath who knows not who they are will pick up the strongest emotional signals. Without any self control and self discipline. This person will go through life never knowing why they suddenly feel emotions for unknown reasons not related to expected circumstances. Any of this sounds familiar? Once you have transmitted your own uncontrolled emotional outburst. No matter if it is positive or negative. It is out there in the universe for everyone to receive. Remember my little caparison about radio transmitters and receivers? Once you transmit any signal. You cant take it back. You must understand that your thoughts and emotions have the power to build or destroy instantly. John
    Did you know I was adopted? Apparently this spooky stuff runs in the wrangler jeans. My bio mom,  I could always feel her and not knowing why. Even today as I'm soon to be leaving from buffalo to Taylor, Mi. I can feel my mothers ups and downs as well as her neutral robotic zombie states. My mother has a certain flavor or taste or frequency or familiar feeling about her. Now that you know your an empath and other peoples feeling effect and affect you. You can now logically analyze all feelings as if your tuning in an old analog radio. Your mother will have her spot on the dial. Just like everyone else. Then just like a police/fire scanner. You can zoom in with lights and sirens a blaring to rescue the damsel or dude in distress. Or just to express love and compassion. That's powerful. Just like any new discovered high tech gadget. You get to learn this as u go. When u master it. U will know this empathy as a gift.
    I will add to this as I think necessary.
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