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Latino Exodus Prophecy: (Unedited): 19 Sept 2012:

Before and During the demise of the USA. The Latino population within the United States of American will migrate back to their Country of origin. This will be a great blessing and a great boon for those countries when their families return home. But, The short sighted leaders of those Countries will not see it as such. They will see the exodus of their own peoples as a people flood which brings a disaster. In the short term this may be true. But, The disaster of the people flood is and may become a disaster if the leaders do not mitigate and manage their returning people with welcoming acceptance. If the leaders of the Latino Countries do not do  as suggested and have plans already made. Then this is what will happen. The Rio Grande will flow greatly with blood and suffering. There will be mass chaos. There will be murder, rape and thefts. GOD Almighty will watch you leaders of Mexico and all of those nations southward. Woes will befall you all. The returning of your families is a gift and a blessing from GOD who is and has protected HIS faithful. While they resided in the USA.
The material belongings in which the Latino American brings with them during their exodus is not the gift of wealth. The gift of wealth they bring back home is in their education, Skill and professionalism. While the American money which crosses your border will dry up. Preventing your people from returning will not continue the flow of money. It is going to stop. As is the secret corrupted monies you make from the drug trade. It will all stop. Your greatest assets will return home. So celebrate their return and plan for your new future. A renewed Country.
Latino Countries which have large sums of American Cash. Should use it now to buy metals and other resources. Build infrastructure.
Ba Ha California Peninsula shall not be a safe place to reside, migrate or invest in.
Those Latinos who still live in the USA must send their material assets to their home Country. Before the USA Final demise begins. It may also be a good idea to pre purchase open ended airplane tickets for you and your families. With no expiration dates. Whether this works or not who knows. Make arrangements with your Countries Consulates of your future plans. So as to guarantee and ease the transition.
As I write this. I still see a great disaster unfolding all along the Mexican American Borders. As with any man created prophecy it all can be prevented, mitigated and managed. Just as was with the Pharaoh and Joseph.
I have written about this before on ink and paper. Just not able to find it. So, I will assume there is no ink and no copies.
19 Nov 2012: Found it. Original Date of vision: 17 Jan 2006:
From the North a mass exodus. millions upon millions return to their original home.
Mexico, Central America will experience a boom. Not from the short term wealth but from the knowledge and experienced that they learned from the United States.
 When they try to migrate back home they will have to defend themselves. Those who have not prepared will die, will lose their things, will be raped. Most will survive despite their plight back home.
The Government of Mexico will pay for it's part in allowing invading forces across it's northern border. Mexico City. End of original content.
19 Nov 2012: Found other Latino content. Dated 17 Jan 2006:
Hispanic forces invade the United States:
Into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
Most of Florida falls to Hispanic Cuban Forces and is held.
Texas defeats them completely. There is little mercy. Deep into mexico the Texas Forces go.
Hundreds of Islamic Terrorists attacks daily.
China forces invade the west.
Russia Invades Alaska.
France, unknown, They play a real part.
European allies forget.
United Nations Hands Tied.
No Hope for the United States. The United States has no  GOD.
The entire Christian/Catholic Church falls or sinks.
End of content.
19 Nov 2012: Found Canada Content: 17 Jan 2006:
The United States falls to terrorism, economic failure and a military onslaught from numerous enemies.
Russia Takes Alaska and threatens the Yukon and British Columbia. The oil and minerals.
China takes part/most of California, Oregon, Washington.
China Threatens British Columbia.
Canada will attempt to protect and possess strategic assets with in the United states. Intense battles. Dakotas, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado.
A United States exodus into Canada. from the Northern states. Canada will feel a security need to protect numerous states. The border states.
Canada will be overwhelmed and may just give up and surrender. Canada as a whole has become cowards and selfish. their unknown Canadian Heroes may save them all.
France deceives Canada. Canada lets themselves to be deceived. End of Content.
Today, I see changes in what I've written in 2006.
Canada closes their borders to the USA population.
Canada accepts only military assets and probably not the personnel. To much bad media. especially, if they are Christian.
The Canadian Military actions is for the safe removal of their own citizens.
Canada will experience their own Tet offensive by their own Islamic citizens. It will be greatly successful. Thousands of unarmed Canadian civilians will be murdered. Men, Women and children.
The Yukon and British Columbia may not be defended. Those citizens will be left to their own survival skills.
Prophecy is and can be an evolutionary movement. when a real and true revelation is known or assumed. Change in the original prophecy can and does occur. Especially if it is undesirable. Especially, if a personal prophecy is wonderful and full of positive potential. Then the young person can develop a logical plan and pursue it.
From 2006 til now. I see some changes in the words I've written.
Hundreds of Islamic terrorist attacks daily is probably in the high thousands.
China forces may only secure their newly gained assets of California, Oregon and Washington State. A standing military force of 1 million men in each of the states. I see China assuming control of Mexico controlled Ba-ha California.
France is a nothing in my mind right now.
Only a remnant of the Christian/Catholic church will survive and this will be by the protective hand of GOD.
United Nations is secretly involved while appearing they are helpless. They hope to control all of the former USA military might. All of it. The soon to be former American politicians will put into place those officers who will follow their plan to surrender their asset to the United nations.
Texas. Not sure how this will work. From incredible chaos of everyone being shot at into a unified military force under a Texas flag. They will go through to Mexico City and burn it. Texas will have their Sherman. No prisoners. The whole of the Mexican military and Government will be purified of all corruption. All Latino civilians need to appear with zero weapons or warfare upon their faces. The rise from the ashes is a new Mexico government friend to Texas.

FROM: Triplicate Exodus: 27 Nov 2011: Note from Facebook and deleted:
Over the last 5yrs or so. Ive had visions of a panicked Latino exodus back south into Mexico. Horrific outcome. All sorts of evil along the border crosser. I still do not know the reason. There will also be an economic exodus from California, Oregon, and Washington states down into the western coast of Mexico. This will entail Latinos with management history in logistics. Time frame 5-15 yrs. Then there will also b another exodus of Christians. This 1 will only be known by each individual christian. They will be the remnant who is 2b saved. So, if you r a Christian who obeys the 10 commandments out of love. Then you may b1 of the chosen. Just b prepared 2 leave with nothing. Then u must go when it is time. Any delay any looking back and u will perish. That is from my walk today. Define remnant? The word remnant has always been strong when associated with Christianity in my visions. The word Christian can be substituted with a holy person. Which is not the same as a religious person. C.J.MacKechnie.
Added content on 14 May 2016:
It has been many years since I have written this. But, conversations with my devout Christian Puerto Rican friend has brought new insights. Puerto Rico is in itself gonna suffer and is now. This may be the place or one of the places of the great return of the giants. The Nephilim and Rephaim shall return and populate the Earth as they had once done. They do have a taste for all meat including human flesh.
This is not why I write today. The power base of Mexico and all other countries south. Shall see a change in the dynamics of power. To a such a degree that when the US dollar becomes worth less than toilet paper. Those with all of the drug wealth shall instantly lose all of their power. To the degree that there will not be a market for their drugs. In that time their very well paid armies and men. Shall not have money to be paid. As is with any mercenary types of people. They go where the money is. In that very short period of time. When the realization of no more money is coming. The war within shall begin. The hate of them and the love of their money shall end in bloodshed.
There shall also be blood shed against those evil corporate American food sellers who come with their own armed men. For they to shall die when they return.
The evil which has divided and has caused Mexico to become a non nation. Mexico is a place divided up among the drug lords. A very short time period will come when you Mexican leaders from the local towns all the way up to the highest of levels. Will need to act decisively and with great swiftness in order to make your country whole again. Can you imagine a wholly maintained Mexico? I can. But, all of the leaders of Mexico must repent of their sins and guarantee the safety of their brothers and sisters who shall return home one day. You must enable and guarantee safe transit of those people who will go further south. For in these people are the future of a great Mexico which has never been seen before. They will have skill sets which will be desperately needed for a renewed Mexico, A whole Mexico. But, all of you will pay in blood. This is the cost for your life of bribery with drug money. Can you leaders of Mexico see for the genuine needs of your people. To have a life without threats or fears from drug organizations which suck the life out of every one. Allow the honor of Being Mexican be your last order to save your country from drug lord enslavement. Even in your own death you may be remembered because of your last good thing. Even though your entire life has been one of complete corruption.
The power of the American dollar shall end in some manor and on a single day. If it is on a Friday. Know that by Monday only brave Mexicans will stand. Every Mexican who sees any person with a weapon against them. Must cause that evil anti-Mexican persons blood to be cleansed by the ground they walk upon. All Mexicans must prepare the way for the safe return of their northern families. You should honor the return of your families. You should honor and respect those things in which they send to you. You should be responsible. For these things that they send home. It is a gift from God and his mercy for you in the tough times to come. For the things are only the beginning of blessings. The real important blessings is when your family becomes whole again. Pray always. Repent Now.
In the mean time. All Latino and Hispanic persons in the USA need to also prepare their own way to return home. By sending tools, equipment, vehicles and supplies to their family members in Mexico and southward. For the return back home shall be very difficult and many sufferings shall be felt. You will leave the USA as it will not be a safe place. More than a hundred million Americans shall perish. I tell you the truth it shall be more bearable for you to walk through Sodom and Gomorrah as it is being destroyed than it will be for you to return home as America is being destroyed. Pray always. Repent now.
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