Thursday, October 25, 2012

Culture Destruction: 22 Dec 2011

A culture of people. Who each individually look for opportunities for revenge-able actions. Has already self destructed. C.J.MacKechnie 
This is not just about any particular culture. This is about you individually, Your individual family, About your tribe or clan, About your town or city, About your people or nation and about your religion and culture. 
When you embrace and believe in your fundamental right for revenge. You must know all that will result is only more pain and suffering, more death and destruction, more sickness and stagnation, more devolution and extinction. Nothing good will ever come from revenge, Even thinking about revenge hardens a persons heart. Thus begins to grow apathy, a disease which is contagious to your children first. From your own hate so to will your children and your children's death you will see and feel. 
I understand where the culture of revenge is mandatory for continued existence and life. But, That is all it is existence and not any life worth living. If someone does a bad thing to you whether it be on purpose or by accident. You must seek revenge and retribution for any action done to you. You must do so to a greater severity. Or else someone will perceive you to be weak and a potential future target by them. Whoever "THEM" may be. This action of revenge is a psychological self protection mechanism. Revenge and retribution involves ego, pride, anger and hate. How does anything good come from this? We all know only good comes from GOD, Allah, Grandfather. So, if there is no good in a thing or a action or even a thought. Then there is No GOD, ALLAH, Grandfather.  
Seek no more revenge or retribution. Love one another and live in peace. So that all may have a life worth living in harmony.

Name changed to "Culture Destroyed". Because it already is. A society, religion, nation and/or culture. Must have lots of babies and bring in new people.  Just so extinction doesn't become a reality.
I do not remember what the original title was (25 Oct 2012).
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