Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shepherds Voice: (Unedited): 13 Nov 2011:

Even the wolves and snakes hear the Great Shepherds voice. Yet, only His sheep come. While the wolves and snakes flee into their hiding places.
 Great Shepherd is GOD, ALLAH, GRANDFATHER.
The sheep is you, if you are one of the ones who heads the Great Shepherds laws by internal choice and not by threats, through fears or actions of exclusion.
If you think you can live your life contrary to love, peace, harmony and the sanctity of life. Then you are one of the wolves or snakes. Even if you are a professed Christian and have gone off to war, Even if you are a Buddhists and have marched angrily against a thing, even if you are Islamist and have Jihad or struggle in your mind and heart.
How can a Christian love when they angrily go off to war to kill and to destroy? They cannot.
How can a Buddhists be in harmony while angrily marching for some cause against injustice? They cannot.
How can an Islamist be in peace while angrily in jihad warfare? They cannot.
How can any sane society adopt any practice of abortion as a means of population controls or convenience. When it is all about control, power, authority. Control over rules life. Then when life no longer matters to the common person, neither does the control excised by the ruling authorities.
When this planet cannot support us all. Then it is time to populate other worlds. In love, peace harmony and life.
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