Thursday, January 17, 2013

Accepted Entry: (Unedited): 16 Jan 2013:

Your identity and your net worth rating shall be approved and accepted before entry into a shopping mall or specific store. C.J.MacKechnie
I saw in this vision 3 things jumbled together in a confusing scene across time and places. The vision was in reverse. I saw a few people in a mall. Modernly dressed may have been a cool day. I saw pairs of people standing in their designated positions with phony smiles. I saw this as a security measure. Employees for each mall store were standing in their door ways. Almost in parade rest or a position of attention. Two people at the door front indicated to security that no one was inside.
Then time flowed backwards.  I saw a series of three things. All mixed together and all flowing backwards in time.
1). Loiters.
                           I saw a great many of saddened and depressed people wandering inside of the malls. Not buying anything and only inside the malls to stay out of the weather. I saw some buying sodas, but there were many filling up bottles at the water fountain. I saw fights break out over who took to much of the cold water.

2). Mob robbers. (Flash Mob Crime).
                                          I saw gangs of people using the technology for their own selfish desires to rob stores in coordinated attacks. There is an evolution to this new crime wave. In which the sophistication also evolves as well as the cruelty. What has already begun as the robbing of convenience stores evolves into the use of weapons, beatings, murders and absolute destruction. Threats and murders of business owners.

3). Terrorism.
                                   I saw terrorism. The evils of the Tet Offensive manifests it's evolution upon innocent mall goers and shoppers everywhere. The millions of enemy combatants (Islam) which have lived in quiet peace amongst you. Have been ordered to go in their own chosen way to kill and to destroy as they see fit. The end of civilized society begins. But, if civilian forced disarmament begins within the USA. That is the first real day. As the forces of the world and the UN will be invited into The USA to aid and assist in policing activities. Since, the majority of America's forces are abroad. The military take over of the USA will happen with minor destruction to the primary infrastructures.
Flash Mob Robbers. 18 Jan 2013
What do you expect from the young of today. When they are taught that there is no GOD. Then all of the laws of GOD no longer apply. Which means all of the laws of your country which is based on God's law no longer is valid. When there is no GOD then the customs of any civilized society ends and the law of nature is renewed. Which means the strong is right. The meek shall become prey and are consumed in a violent fashion. All concepts of right and wrong become like vapor and the law of what is right for me is the dominant law of all. The whole of your country shall become extinct. The wealth of your country shall leave quickly. The genetics of your superior intellect shall devolve down to a feral animals impulse. But, GOD shall replace the people with those who will become HIS next great people. A people who will be Godly and Righteous.
Loiters. 18 Jan 2013
The loiters were the homeless, the jobless, the hopeless. All they wanted to do is get out of the weather. Unable to afford water, electricity. They search for refuge. A place to just go to the bathroom. Some do have enough for a single meager meal or a soda to be shared. Just a place to go. After all the churches doors are only open on Wednesday night and twice on Sunday.
Terrorism. 18 Jan 2013. (this part is a re-peat.)
It's all a part of some plan. The primary infrastructures of the USA is untouched. The industry, The transportation, The utilities and related all seems to be untouched. While the Tet offensive is directed towards the civilian population. The shopping centers, The churches, Entertainment centers, Sporting events, schools, businesses, hospitals, and homes. All in one day and then continues on. millions dead in a single day. Those who are the most helpless or unsuspecting seems to be the individual targets. Such as a law enforcement person parked in their police car out of view. A medical nurse wearing her uniform away from the medical centers. A military family with a military parking decal on their vehicle.
19 Jan 2013:
Between now and the time of these extreme security measures to take in effect. Malls and shopping centers shall become dangerous places. The danger and threat level will progress into events of beatings, murders and then destruction. This is an open ended comment in which all of these dangerous events is dependent on human choices. There will be a ratcheting up. To become the YouTube extreme.  Evolution and one up man-ship will be quick via video outlets such as YouTube.
The only slow evolution will be those terrorist who are affiliated with the Tet offensive order. The terrorists will be begin to separate and disappear from one another. Some will even move their entire families to what is deemed safe locations. During the time when the terrorists have separated from one another. Then will begin to be easily seen in places, where they have not been in regularity. They will hang out in all of the various kinds of perimeters. They will not be customers, but just sit in community places and just observe.
A documented empath can and will feel their hatred and heart for murder coupled with an excitement. This contradiction of intentional emotion is a key for an empath to focus on. For Instance and for the empath, this will be like walking outside of a zoo caged animal and then walking by another and discovering a cage is open. A law enforcement agency and politicians need to enact laws for security officers to carry audio and video recording devices on their shirts. To be paid for by the security agency. To be stored information at the end of each shift for a time of about 2 weeks. Why, Because during any terrorist attack. The poor helpless security guys will probably be killed first. Then the recording devices can and may have pertinent information for investigating law enforcement agencies to use. To ascertain who are or is the bad guys. This is really important. The helpless security officer will lose their life. But, the information which may be intact upon their corpse. May still be of use to save innocent lives and be used in a courtroom. This is about saving innocent lives at the cost of losing one.
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