Friday, January 18, 2013

Attack safety: (Unedited): 18 Jan 2013:

You're asleep, unconscious or alone. You're drunk or drugged, it matters not the legality or cultural acceptance. Your life is full of sin, which you don't believe in. You feel it gently at first. Giant fingers under your body pulling you up while yet you still remain heavily upon your bed. You feel an oppression all around you like a heavy weight much more dense than the surrounding atmosphere. Your mind's eye is clouded, preventing you from seeing that which is both present and not. In a long instant you are gone, no longer in control or having authority over your own physical body. You are gone and yet you are still there. Still present and yet only being able to observe bits and pieces of the movie in which you perpetually live. You're out of control. More accurately, you are not in control. That which is in control of your body will kill you then to release it back to you, if for some reason it does release you. You will now have to live with all of that mental baggage, mental defects, physical diseases and prison. Think about it, if you're no longer any fun and are physically restricted. 

OOOH, I forgot you don't believe in the demonic, God, angels and ghosts and etc. Oh but, maybe you do believe in ghosts because all of the fun and stylish ghost shows express how we lowly humans have power and authority over them. But, how can you from your drunkenness and undisciplined life? You cannot even control your own life, let alone control that which has already died and yet still lives. But, you don't believe in that do you? Yet, you seem drawn to the ghost shows and movies. Maybe you do believe in ghosts but not in all of that God and demon stuff. You cannot logically have one and yet not the other. Maybe you believe also in super psychic powers and ghosts and not in demons or God? Again, that cannot be logically true. Am I repeating myself a little? Yes, just to prove a point.
You do not have the right to accept one unreal thing and deny the others, simply because of your pride's superiority and your illogical manner of thinking. 

But, now for you this is after you have been awoken from passing out. The hangover already expresses its power over you or your need for another hit of your chosen drug. But something is different, maybe muted or dulled. In the beginning it only seems you're still in control, but you are not. That which is in you has already begun to mimic your own mind's thoughts, style of thinking and how you think. From within your own mind, that which is within begins to change you. It is very easy, because you do not know the difference between your own true thoughts and the thoughts of others. The occult of your own mind has begun and you know not nor are even aware.

Angels can be incredibly powerful beings. The most powerful of them can turn you off like a light switch at a distance. They can alter your mind's thoughts, memories and emotions to their will at a distance. These powerful angels will even pretend to be gods. All just to deceive you into following their will, with absolute minimal effort on their part. The size of these angels can be huge or small. We humans are just bugs to them in comparison and that may not even be a realistic comparison.

So, what can you do? There is a lot you can do and of course it requires continual boring effort on your part to achieve a level of real protection over your entire being.

1). Spiritual direction and focus.
2). Pure logical mental control and awareness.
3). Clean physical strength and endurance.

These three are only the beginning, because it is only the beginning levels to the defense of you. In defense you can never be victorious. In a purely defensive stance, you can only prepare for the next attack, then the attack which follows that one, and so on and so forth.

There are offensive abilities which I shall not speak of - offensive abilities which also evolve as humanity does. But you may not believe in the Bible. which won't matter much. Why are you still reading this? Probably because you have felt the fear of coming too close to a genuine superior being like a fallen angel. You have come close to some very real, unexplainable miracle, which surrounded some unknown incredibly gentle soul who exercised complete authority over the dire situation. Yet, no one knows. Maybe the being who looked acceptably human to you was somewhat forceful and yet they never existed. Yet you are alive when you are supposed to be deader than dead in the absolute sense of this description. How can you explain the illogically unreal, when it absolutely was? I just know that if you are now aware of them, then they do not really have to hide themselves from you anymore. This will be more evident with these walking remote controlled humans who are under direct control. When these internally controlled people just come into your presence, they will only hate you for no apparent reason. Then when these demon-controlled humans feel directly threatened by your simple presence, they will call upon those fallen angels who are much more powerful than you to take you or to teach you true fear, the kind of fear which may cause you to hide in seclusion forever. In the absolute of the wholeness of what true reality really is, there is no hiding of any content or beings. This is why your sins have never been secret, even though you deceived yourself and other humans.

So you're sober and free of all mind-altering contaminants. You're working on the discipline and control of your own thoughts and emotions. You're even doing that prayer, meditation and contemplation thing. Are you in the Bible? Are you creating that Bible-reading habit? Are you actively and continually rejecting and fleeing from all sin? Most importantly, are you doing these things because it is only the right thing to do and not based in some kind of fears or threats? This is key.

So now you're asleep and alone. You begin to feel very large fingers attempt to lift you up, without actually moving your body. Its incredibly large fingers press into your skin. You move not. You open your minds eye and see nothing, maybe even glimpses of something which causes you great fear. You remain resolute. You begin to call upon God, angels, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You wake up and begin meditation. You walk to obtain your Bible and open it up to anyplace and begin reading. It is gone. The evil light of great fear, torment and suffering disappears. You remain. You go back to bed, knowing that you did not even completely read that psalm 91 correctly.

The next new morning you awaken. You wonder and realize that the battle for you had already begun before you were even aware that there was an ongoing fight over you. There wasn't just one fallen angel. There were also the heavenly hosts protecting and defending you while you were asleep. You just happened to wake up to be a witness.


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