Thursday, January 17, 2013

Evolution Level: (Unedited) 16 Jan 2013:

To grow and evolve in your desired field of interest. You must first have a level of comfort, control and coordination at the level you are currently. C.J.MacKechnie
 God controls your gifts. God turns on and off any or all of your gifts. The how, why and when is solely up to God. The level of control, control and coordination in relation to your gifts is defined by God. So if God prefers you to be at a certain level of stress then that is when God may turn on a new gift. Thus, increasing a newer stress and increasing more stress within you. Thus, All of the gifts given to you is and never has been for you. It is for the benefit of those whom are lost or unmoving, the sick and diseased, the lonely and abandoned, The tired and oppressed, the ones in perpetual darkness and misery. That is who your gifts are for. It has never been about you and neither are your gifts yours.
To continually grow and evolve in your specific area of interest. You must continue to always move forward. You must continue to learn new things and acquire new skills. You must always keep up with new advancements in technologies. You must always diversify with directly related and mutually beneficial  knowledge, skills, training and education.
For Instance: Apply this relationship with your specific area of interest.

The area of growing robotics technologies is directly related to what? Well robotics. But, what else do you need to know? What skills do you need to grow? If you think any particular skill is beneath you or above you. Then those are your chosen set limits. The limits of pride and the lack of self confidence. 
In robotics, you need to have a basic understanding of computer science, electronics and mechanics. With only a basic understanding of these three items will gain you an entry level position in robotics.
If you obtain a 4 year degree in computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Then those three together would make you a more desirable robotics person then someone who only has a simple robotics degree.
To obtain future promotions of wealth and responsibility. You will have had to prove your basic skills in welding, pneumatics, hydraulics, soldering. Plus, the gaining of masters levels degrees in Computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering.
To gain a specific range of desired employment one may need to obtain and grow degrees in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, nautical engineering and etc.

My example may be excessive to you. Hopefully you get the point. Often times I see to far in the future. The evolution has begun in 2008 or in actually in the early 1980's.  It is my desire to express what I see, what the possible future has in store for humanity in regards to being and remaining employable. Since 2008, I've seen and witnessed good people lose their positions simply because they did not have a college degree. Now, their positions require a college degree and now they are unemployed. I have seen people with a number of years of continuous employment and thus pushed out. In order to minimize the expense of benefits, profit share and retirement. These corporate activities will become or is now common place. No corporation will want any employee to remain with the COMPANY long enough to gain any real use of any benefit package offered. The exception is with the corporate officers. Who will seem to negotiate a benefits package which can be post dated back to a specific year and for the current hiring date. Doesn't seem fair. But, life sucks and then when you realize that, you can endeavor to make it not suck for you or throw your hands up in surrender. Be a Dido.

It is up to you, only to make the necessary guarantees for your own future, your own growth and your own development. You from the year 2000 are no longer apart of humanity who only needed a 4 year college degree to guarantee your employment. Just like those in the medical fields who must have continual education so to must everyone else. No matter their status or placement in society. From now on the importance of a 4 year college degree is the new high school requirement of the 1940- 1960's. Thus the educational evolution begins.


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