Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pattern Formations: (Unedited): 06 Jan 2013:

Military movement formations in space shall include shapes such as spheres of various kinds, con-caves, convex-es and cylinder cones. Then integrating multiple formations to create attack and defensive patterns. C.J.MacKechnie
Spheres with multifaceted perturbations can have a myriad of functions and purposes.  A sphere cannot be attacked from any direction in surprise. A cylinder cone can be that aggressive of a point of attack. Con-caves and con vexes can be a focus of energies or points of highlight. Or to create pickets of a particular direction of observation.

For instance. You observe a number of spheres under it's own power in the direction of your central star. In which you observe these spheres slowing down as they approach your star. They immediately align themselves in polar orbits. First very close and you observe anomalies coming from the star and into the spheres. Without any apparent damage. What has just happened is your star has just been captured. Those who control the stars control the solar system.
Each of these spheres can be as large as a planet. From within the spheres comes forth their attack ships. In which they align themselves in cone like formations. These formations begin to place themselves in the polar orbits of any planet which has what they desire. Once polar orbits has been established. The control of the solar system becomes certain. Because, the easiest source of energy is from the stars. Any attacking or defending military force must get to the central star, in order to replenish their energy reserves. Isn't this a current naval strategy in human history and today? Top off everything before going into battle. Then keeping in close proximity to your fuel supplies. The central star or binary stars are the fuel sources.
Then if planetary control is becoming difficult. Start throwing asteroids at the planets. If that is too drastic of a measure. Then realign your spheres to block all sun light from hitting the planet. In less than 24 hours. The atmosphere collapses and condenses. 


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